Real Estate Sphere of Influence Hacks: Maintain Top-of-Mind Awareness for $1 per Day

August 11, 2017

Are you fully leveraging your real estate sphere of influence to maximize commissions and boost your business volume? Unless reaching out to members of your sphere of influence via Facebook advertising is one of your regular practices, the answer to this question is no.

Recent guest John Pohly, a third-generation real estate agent and a master of real estate lead generation, strongly believes that Facebook offers the best ROI when it comes to capturing and converting leads from one’s sphere of influence. In fact, by spending just $1 per day on Facebook advertising, John claims you can maintain top-of-mind awareness with your contacts.

Read on to find out how this is possible. To learn the specifics on John’s strategies for capturing and converting real estate leads on Facebook, listen to the complete podcast interview below.

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Prerequisites for This Real Estate Marketing Strategy

You don’t need tons of Facebook friends to make this strategy work (we’ll explain why in a moment). However, there is one thing in particular that you absolutely do need to make this strategy work: a Facebook Page.

Fortunately, creating a Facebook Page is quick and easy. If you don’t already have one, follow this step-by-step guide for creating a Facebook Page and you’ll be ready to move on with John’s system for maintaining top-of-mind awareness in no time.

Touch Your Real Estate Sphere of Influence for $1 per Day

With your Facebook Page up and the contact details for members of your sphere of influence handy, you’re ready to reach out and touch the people who are most likely to give you their business. Here’s how you can turn $1 per day into countless new business opportunities:

  • Upload contacts’ details – By uploading your contacts’ details to Facebook in the form of a CSV file (it’s easy and mostly automated), you’re able to reach them specifically with targeted ad campaigns. This is why you don’t need Facebook friends or a Facebook Page with tons of “Likes” to make this strategy work.
  • Spend $1 per day – For every 1,000 people in your database, you should be spending $1 per day on Facebook advertising. This keeps your ad in the sidebar and at the top of contacts’ feeds.
  • Create an effective ad – The ads you use don’t have to be complicated to be effective. Remember: you’re trying to maintain top-of-mind awareness. Believe it or not, a simple ad with your name, number, logo, and picture often does this best.
  • Lower your costs – Finally, keep your advertising costs low by ensuring your ads run based on impressions instead of on clicks. The cost per impression is much lower than the cost per click, so don’t forget to check your settings before launching an ad campaign.

To convert the leads you generate on Facebook more effectively, try running the system described in John’s book: The Ultimate Conversion Funnel Blueprint. If you want to learn more about using Facebook to reach your real estate sphere of influence, listen to the complete podcast interview with John Pohly.

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