1242: How to Sell Homes That NO ONE Wants to Buy With Edward Peugh

May 20, 2024

Stop passing up run-down real estate listings! Today’s guest, Edward Peugh, specializes in finding solutions to problematic properties, and he shares them in abundance here. Listen and learn how to help sellers who have no cash for fixing up their homes prior to listing. Ed also covers the different types of buyers who love to acquire homes in need of some serious work. Plus, he outlines how to structure specialized deals for homes in disrepair in order to to net his team—and his clients—as much money as possible. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • What you’ll learn in today’s Real Estate Rockstars podcast [0:00]
  • How to find buyers for problem properties [1:55]
  • Tips for pricing run-down real estate [5:58]
  • Where to find local investors [8:38]
  • The third category of investor you can use to close deals fast: wholesalers [9:57]
  • How to track who buys from wholesalers [11:35]
  • Selling distressed properties with the help of investor-friendly real estate agents [12:29]
  • Creative solutions for agents who are willing to put their own money into a property [14:37]
  • The biggest pitfalls to avoid when rehabbing a run-down property [20:35]
  • Using DSCR loans to finance rehab projects [23:48]
  • Selling homes to buyers who don’t qualify for traditional financing [26:56]
  • Where sellers can find financing for property repairs [29:19]
  • One risk to avoid with using credit cards to finance home repairs [32:51]
  • Tips on working with rehab companies like Curbio [33:41]
  • Why real estate agents should work with distressed sellers [35:27]
  • Ed’s favorite tools and real estate events [38:28]
  • Where to find and follow Edward Peugh [41:35]

Edward Peugh

Edward Peugh is a real estate investor and entrepreneur. Ed has developed a reputation as a subject matter expert in creative financing techniques and development of Private Capital and has used such techniques to generate substantial equity and cashflow.

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