Real Estate Software and Apps for Maximizing Efficiency

June 13, 2018

Real estate software and apps have come a long way in recent years. Not only are there plenty of great options for marketing and database management, agents now have access to some excellent options for maximizing efficiency as well.

Josh Mente, founder and owner of The MD Home Team, discussed some of his favorite software and apps for boosting productivity during a recent Real Estate Rockstars podcast.

Listen to the podcast below for details on everything he does and uses to get 110 percent out of himself and his agents. For information on his favorite real estate software and apps, read on.

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Josh’s Real Estate Software Recommendations

Managing tasks and project progress is absolutely essential when it comes to working efficiently, especially in a team setting. While there are plenty of software options out there that offer tracking functionalities, few of them are truly an all-in-one solution.

To streamline his team’s workflow, Josh wanted something that offered everything needed to stay in sync and on track.


With Asana, Josh and his team are able to coordinate their efforts, track task-specific progress, and plan future projects. Instead of relying on separate software to accomplish these things, they’re able to do it all with a single system.

Also, since Asana integrates with hundreds of apps and services, like Slack and Dropbox, it can be used to bring everything together so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Josh’s Real Estate App Recommendations

Agents are on their phones a lot. How much of that time is actually spent on productive tasks?

According to Josh, not much.

There are two apps he thinks every agent should have in order to cut down on wasted time. The first helps reduce interruptions throughout the day. The second helps users see exactly how much time they’re wasting on their phone each day.


Most people don’t go through their mail multiple times per day. Instead, they open it in bulk, usually in a single sitting.

Email, on the other hand, is often checked 10, 20, or more times in a single day. Boomerang helps users cut down on the number of times they check email by allowing them to snooze emails until specific points during the day.

Josh, for instance, opts to receive his emails at 8:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., and 5:00 p.m. so that he isn’t distracted by email notifications constantly while focusing on other tasks.

Download Boomerang for Android

Download Boomerang for iOS


Email isn’t the only distraction agents have to worry about. Apps like Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram eat up tons of time that would be better spent elsewhere.

Most people simply don’t realize how much time they’re wasting on their phones, which is why Moment is such a great app. Moment tracks and displays exactly how much time its users spend on their phones. It even details how much time is spent on each individual app.

Unfortunately, Moment isn’t available yet on Android. However, the Android app QualityTime provides similar functionality.

Download Moment for iOS

More Ways to Maximize Efficiency and Profit

Interested in learning more ways to maximize your efficiency? Catch the complete podcast interview with Josh Mente and hear more about the efficiency-boosting real estate software and apps used by one of today’s top real estate teams.

To hear how Josh uses technology to boost his business’ bottom line, check out Josh’s first appearance on the Real Estate Rockstars podcast.

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