GoBundance Special: Empowerment Through Sports with Aaron Velky and Don’t Wait to Start Investing with Kurt Buchert

December 27, 2021

Need a burst of motivation to help you thrive through your start to the new year? In this GoBundance Special, Aaron Velky and Kurt Buchert share their inspiring stories and offer tips for taking action on the things that matter most. Listen and learn when to get out of your own way, how to hone the business-owner mindset, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

Empowerment Through Sports with Aaron Velky

  • Getting out of your own way [3:05]
  • About Aaron’s book, Let Her Play [4:21]
  • The Game of Life on steroids [6:22]
  • What all kids should experience [8:04]
  • Aaron Velky’s various businesses [9:24]
  • Aaron’s experience with masterminds [13:51]
  • How to thrive through the next year [15:59]
  • How to reach out to Aaron [16:35]

Don’t Wait to Start Investing with Kurt Buchert

  • Kurt’s entrepreneurial journey [21:42]
  • Why retirement wasn’t right for Kurt [23:15:]
  • Identifying opportunities [25:12]
  • How to find the right business partner [26:12]
  • The business-owner mindset [28:45]
  • Advice on getting into investing [31:43]
  • Why finding a deal is only half of the battle [34:00-34:56]

Aaron Velky

Aaron Velky is an entrepreneur, author, business coach, sports leader, speaker and artist from Baltimore, Maryland.

He’s the CEO of Ortus Academy, leads an organization called FrontRunner, and has several other businesses and ventures under his direction. He’s a social entrepreneur and is focused on impacting the lives of others, a clear motivator in all of his work. His writing career begins with Let Her Play, as a recent move to impact the lives of young athletes like those he’s coached for several years. He also creates abstract paintings and other digital art.

Kurt Buchert

Kurt Buchert is a business owner, investor and a capitalist. He is the owner of KingCake Real Estate LLC, a privately held company in New Orleans, LA. New Orleanians are proud of their old homes with their classic architecture, so Kurt daily faces the challenge of upgrading an old home while still working with the existing façade.

Kurt says the key to gaining his clients’ trust in his work is to simply tell them the truth. “Always be blunt and truthful with your customer.”

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