1232: This 22-Year-Old Solo Agent Closed 73 Deals! – Isacc Lightbourn

April 15, 2024

22-year-old Isacc Lightbourn is absolutely crushing it in El Paso’s highly competitive real estate market. Not only has he closed 73 transactions as a solo agent, he’s done it without paying a dime for real estate leads. In today’s show, Isacc shares several strategies for generating free leads, including an in-depth breakdown of the formula he follows to produce viral home-tour videos with just an iPhone. Shelby and Isacc also discuss the mindset young Realtors need in order to succeed, how to get business from builders, and the best way to learn real estate fast.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • What you’ll learn in today’s Real Estate Rockstars Podcast [0:00]
  • How Isacc Lightbourn generates real estate leads [2:20]
  • What it takes to get business from builders [3:50]
  • Using Instagram to attract buyers in your market [7:50]
  • Isacc’s formula for creating viral home-tour videos [9:24]
  • A strategy for getting listing agents’ approval to film homes [12:00]
  • Why an iPhone may be better for marketing than a professional photographer [13:43]
  • What to say when voicing over home-tour videos [15:49]
  • Trial by fire: the best way to learn real estate [19:37]
  • How to caption your home-tour videos [21:11]
  • Why you may not want more Instagram followers [23:01]
  • The importance of Instagram stories [24:49]
  • How Instagram polls can pull in new real estate leads [26:23]
  • Isacc Lightbourn’s donation to the Agent Success Toolbox [29:37]
  • The only equipment, software, and settings you need for viral real estate videos [30:29]
  • What Isacc Lightbourn’s workweek looks like [32:43]
  • How to do dozens of real estate deals per year with zero paperwork [34:02]
  • The mindset you need to succeed as a young real estate agent [36:32]
  • Isacc’s real estate goals for the future [37:51]
  • Words of advice for seasoned Realtors [38:45]
  • Isacc’s favorite app for real estate: BoxBrownie [40:09]
  • Where to find and follow Isacc Lightbourn [42:45]

Isacc Lightbourn

Isacc Lightbourn with ClearView Realty in El Paso, Texas is a 22 year old New Home expert that closed $11.8 million dollars in volume last year off of Instagram and YouTube. All of his social media is just “ Isacc Lightbourn”. He is a solo agent with a TC and the average sales price in EL Paso, Texas is about $260,000.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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