1231: How Any Agent Can Transition Into Luxury With Michael Altneu

April 11, 2024

Did you know that you can make MORE money selling LESS real estate? Luxury expert Michael Altneu joins us today to explain how any agent can double or triple their income, all while closing fewer real estate deals. Michael is the vice president of Coldwell Banker Global Luxury and has nearly two decades of experience in the industry. Here, he shares what it takes to break into luxury sales, including where to find clients and how to craft a brand that attracts ultra-wealthy homeowners. Michael and Shelby also discuss the ways in which comping luxury properties differs from comping standard single-family homes, why days on market doesn’t matter in the luxury space, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • What you’ll learn in today’s Real Estate Rockstars Podcast [0:00]
  • What’s going on in the luxury real estate space right now [2:03]
  • How to break into luxury real estate sales [3:14]
  • Ways to network with luxury clientele [5:56]
  • Defining luxury real estate [12:30]
  • How to reach luxury clientele via social media [14:25]
  • Are fancy cars and luxury-brand clothing required to win high-end clients? [18:36]
  • Marketing a $70 million listing via video [20:22]
  • What a luxury open house actually looks like [25:32]
  • Why days on market doesn’t matter when it comes to luxury homes [29:18]
  • How comping luxury properties differs from comping standard single-family homes [34:20]
  • Ways to finance the purchase of a luxury home [38:51]
  • Coldwell Banker’s Global Luxury Program [40:34]
  • Michael Altneu’s advice for real estate agents who want to break into the luxury space [44:19]
  • Why Michael loves the LinkedIn platform [45:58]
  • Real estate events on Michael’s radar [47:35]
  • Where to find and follow Michael Altneu [49:44]

Michael Altneu

Michael Altneu joined Coldwell Banker in July 2021 as its vice president of the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program. Altneu has an impressive 17+ years of experience spanning across nearly every facet of the real estate industry.

In his role, Altneu leads the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program, which traces its roots to 1933, encompasses a best-in-class marketing platform and one of the most rigorous luxury specialist certification programs in the world, with a 36% higher average sales price per property listed with the program. Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Property Specialists are an exclusive group within the Coldwell Banker organization, making up under ten percent of independent sales associates affiliated with the brand worldwide. Coldwell Banker affiliated agents conducted 39,339 transactions of homes priced at $1 million or more in 2023. This equates to over $200 million in luxury sales every day with an average sales price of $1.9 million in this category.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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