1017: The Power of Relationships in Real Estate – Robert Biehn

January 31, 2022

Real estate is a relationship business, which is why you can’t neglect clients or those around you if you hope to succeed. On today’s podcast with Robert Biehn, we discuss ways to grow by focusing on what matters most: people. Robert also shares his proven process for winning clients on Facebook, the three things he wishes he knew as a brand-new agent, and the problem with most real estate training.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • What Robert did prior to real estate [3:26]
  • Robert’s first year in real estate [5:30]
  • The secret to successfully selling new builds [7:10]
  • Where to find potential clients on Facebook [10:20]
  • Robert’s process for converting Facebook users to clients [11:47]
  • The best message for winning a buyer’s business on Facebook [15:37]
  • Robert’s follow-up video for potential clients [20:12]
  • Three things Robert wishes he knew as a new agent [22:30]
  • The Mega-Team Challenge [27:31]
  • Why leads aren’t the only thing you should give your agents [29:49]
  • Robert’s FREE coaching calls for real estate agents [30:46]
  • The problem with most approaches to real estate training [33:36]
  • Robert’s advice for real estate agents [35:38]

Robert Biehn

Robert Biehn is your local real estate expert. Originally born and raised in California, Robert found himself in TN performing at a Christian music festival years ago. He had the honor to experience the incredible community in Tennessee and then, soon after, packed up everything and moved here.

As a real estate agent, Robert found that his technical and creative skills come together to offer a level of service unique to every client and backed by experience and passion. From new construction, to traditional buying, selling, and investment, real estate has become an effective way for him to bless his family while blessing others. Robert has a diverse portfolio, extending from regional sales, being a lead contract negotiator for a billion-dollar company, to being the head of marketing and a marketing consultant for several businesses.

As for hobbies, Robert loves spending time with his wife and daughter, writing books and scripts, going to church, and just experiencing the life he is blessed to have.

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