1238: The Three Types of Real Estate Teams With Jeff Cohn

May 6, 2024

Ready to exit real estate sales? Start a real estate team! Today’s guest, Jeff Cohn, is an expert on real estate teams. In this interview, he covers the three types of real estate teams and shares exactly which type of team to start for maximum profitability. He also explains what real estate agents really want and how to retain your top talent. Plus, Jeff outlines his processes for real estate training, employee accountability, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • What you’ll learn in today’s Real Estate Rockstars podcast [0:00]
  • How to build and structure a real estate team [2:00]
  • The three types of real estate teams [3:55]
  • The most valuable type of real estate team [5:35]
  • Why there’s a stigma associated with real estate teams [7:35]
  • How to retain new real estate agents [9:30]
  • How to retain experienced real estate agents [11:43]
  • Ways to give real estate agents equity in your company [15:20]
  • How to hold your agents accountable without wasting your time [21:34]
  • How Jeff Cohn delegates real estate tasks [27:16]
  • Going from real estate investor to real estate agent [34:12]
  • A quick litmus test to determine whether or not you’re at the right organization [35:52]
  • Where to find and follow Jeff Cohn [39:55]

Jeff Cohn

Jeff Cohn launched Elite Real Estate Systems Holding Co. (ERS) in 2023. ERS initially launched as a coaching company in 2017, assisting thousands of residential team leaders and broker owners across the country in scaling their real estate businesses. Jeff’s real estate roots began as a highly successful real estate agent and team leader; his real estate team ranked No. 1 at BHHS in 2018 before he and Renee started kwELITE Keller Williams, a Nebraska-based brokerage, in 2020.

In 2023, ERS soft launched its ^Powered By ERS Platform, which utilizes synergies across all verticals within real estate, mortgage, title, insurance, investing, and property management. ^Powered By ERS provides the technologies, shared services, and vertical integrations required to thrive, not just survive, in any market.

Jeff also hosts The Team Building Podcast with over 6 Million listens, ranking #1 on iTunes for Team Building.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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