1239: The Missing Social Media Step That’s Costing You Clients – Sam Reifman-Packett

May 9, 2024

You’re missing a crucial step on social media, and it’s costing you clients! Tune in to today’s Real Estate Rockstars with Sam Reifman-Packett and hear about the best Instagram feature for converting followers into clients. Sam also shares what type of real estate content performs best, what performs worst, and how to maximize your content’s reach. Plus, Shelby and Sam discuss best follow up practices, offer CRM recommendations, and cover some of their favorite services for client gifting. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • What you’ll learn in today’s Real Estate Rockstars podcast [0:00]
  • What’s working now when it comes to generating real estate leads via Instagram [1:00]
  • Sam’s first viral real estate video and how it changed his marketing strategy [2:57]
  • The type of property tours to focus on if lead gen is paramount [6:31]
  • Why you should stop posting educational real estate content [8:51]
  • Exactly what to post on Instagram and why [10:55]
  • How to turn an Instagram follower into a client via polls [12:47]
  • Tips and tricks for maximizing your content’s reach [19:15]
  • Other tools for improving Instagram conversions [24:09]
  • Manychat: a tool for automating conversations on Instagram and Facebook [25:55]
  • Why Sam doesn’t want to hire out his Instagram content creation [29:34]
  • The problem with treating Instagram like a CRM [33:10]
  • Why most real estate agents fail on platforms like Instagram and TikTok [36:39]
  • Advice on follow up and using a real estate CRM [39:19]
  • A great tool for sending clients gifts [42:40]
  • Realistic expectations to have when hiring a real estate assistant [45:55]
  • Where to find and follow Sam Reifman-Packett [47:34]

Sam Reifman-Packett

Sam Reifman-Packett is a 13 year real estate veteran in the Boston market, leading a small team called the RP Group. Sam is currently using Instagram to build out his business to that next level.

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