1083: Stop Lead Generating and Start Building Influence – Patrick Kilner

September 26, 2022

Consumers are sick of cold calls, and many real estate agents are sick of cold calling. If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional lead-generation techniques, you won’t want to miss today’s interview with real estate veteran Patrick Kilner. Listen and learn how to generate business in a way that won’t leave you feeling unfulfilled. Patrick also shares his strategy for building a disruption-proof real estate business and his thoughts on real estate investing.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Patrick Kilner’s brief bio [3:38]
  • About The Kilner Group [4:50]
  • Tech for building “a lifelong real estate plan” [5:53]
  • The biggest mistake a real estate agent can make [7:11]
  • How to disruption-proof your real estate business [9:54]
  • A tough pill for millennials to swallow [11:53]
  • The big difference between real estate now and real estate in 2008 [13:35]
  • How to protect your business from AI and outsourcing [15:30]
  • The problem with popular lead-gen activities [16:40]
  • The only thing immune to disruption in the real estate industry [18:40]
  • Why you only need six relationships to run a highly successful real estate business [19:48]
  • How to have the monopoly on real estate in your clients’ minds [22:47]
  • Asking questions to build powerful relationships [30:53]
  • The benefit of business meetings during business hours [35:28]
  • A faster way to win clients than talking about real estate [43:25]
  • Patrick Kilner’s advice for new real estate agents [47:48]
  • Where to learn more about Find Your Six and Patrick Kilner [50:26]

Patrick Kilner

Patrick Kilner is the author of “Find Your Six” (a #1 new release on Amazon), a speaker, and a businessman. He’s created and led three companies, collectively the Kilner Companies: two in real estate, and one in training services. Over two decades as a real estate agent and entrepreneur, Pat realized that traditional models of transactional lead generation weren’t fit for the modern world. Searching for an answer to propel his businesses to new heights, he studied the philosophies that have governed business for thousands of years, and landed on one simple principle: a network of trusted influencers will always be a professional’s biggest asset. Seeking to re-introduce this approach to a business world driven by cold calling, forced networking, and other impersonal tactics, Pat developed the Find Your Six framework for building a network of trusted influencers, and becoming an influencer yourself.

Outside of his work to redefine influence, Pat is enthusiastic about giving back to the community. He is the co-founder of the DC Accelerator, a young professional development non-profit. His companies support the special needs community in the DC area, and in Jamaica. Pat also serves on the boards of primary education initiatives, and volunteers his time to develop strategic plans for nonprofits focused on inner-city DC youth. Pat resides in suburban Washington, DC with his wife, Elena, and their children.

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