1097: The Art of Selling Short-Term Rentals With Jonathan Dempsey

November 14, 2022

Interested in the short-term-rental niche? Want to work with more investor clients? If so, you won’t want to miss today’s podcast with Jonathan Dempsey, an agent who specializes in selling short-term rentals. Listen and learn what you need to know in order to find and win investor clients, how to best serve them, and more. Jonathan also shares why he loves working with a real estate team, how to find balance while running a busy real estate business, and what it takes to build a strong referral network.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Jonathan Dempsey and his start in real estate [4:54]
  • What makes a good agent in the short-term-rental niche [6:40]
  • How regulations can have a massive impact on short-term rentals [9:03]
  • Resources to help your investor clients [11:06]
  • The transition toward mid-term rentals [13:58]
  • The most popular short-term rental platforms [16:08]
  • A way to get grandfathered into a short-term rental business [20:47]
  • Advice on selling properties to clients sight-unseen [23:19]
  • Where Jonathan gets his clients [24:24]
  • How Jonathan started his real estate team [25:33]
  • Why a team might be right for busy agents feeling burnout [29:30]
  • A fun way to win new clients by building relationships [32:13]
  • Finding balance in your real estate business [34:56]
  • What makes a mastermind different [36:18]
  • How to build an excellent reputation as a Realtor [42:08]
  • How to schedule showings for short-term rentals [46:05]
  • Being transparent and providing clients with the most information possible [49:06]
  • Building a strong network of referrals [52:30]
  • Helping your client find the right agent in another market [53:13]
  • Where to find and follow Jonathan Dempsey [54:36]

Jonathan Dempsey

Jonathan Dempsey has been in the real estate investing industry since 2018 with a specialization in the Philadelphia market. Jonathan was recently named “Rising Star” in Philadelphia Real Producers magazine. Spurring the rise, Jonathan is an expert in buyer client transactions, short term and vacation rentals, and listing marketing. Jonathan does dozens of sales transactions each year and has successfully marketed over 100 listings. Jonathan is best known for his unwavering commitment to adding value to any transaction in which he is involved.

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