1253: Your Listing ‘Touch Ups’ Suck! Fix Them Now with Jordan Smith

June 27, 2024

Do you want to give your home a rockstar makeover on a budget before putting it on the market? Let’s welcome Jordan Smith, a real estate agent, investor, and designer who helps other people transform any house into a showstopper without breaking the bank! Get the lowdown on using creamy white paint for walls, choosing light floors, and nailing the latest trends like matte black door hardware and brushed brass fixtures. Discover tips for landscaping with fresh mulch and vibrant plants, and revamp your kitchen with sleek white cabinets and budget-friendly LVP flooring. Jordan also shares the magic of ready-to-assemble cabinets and the crucial impact of curb appeal with more tips on upgrading your front door and exterior lights. Get the inside scoop on affordable home makeovers. Listen now!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Hot Trends for House Updates [00:00]
  • How to Maximize Impact on a Budget [07:01]
  • Boost your Home’s Curb Appeal [13:07]
  • RTA Cabinets [24:28]
  • Are Flooring and Appliances Important? [25:53]
  • Affordable Kitchen Renovations [28:10]
  • Chandeliers or Ceiling Fans? [30:24]
  • What about bathrooms? [36:23]
  • Full Staging vs. Virtual Staging [42:27]
  • Connect with Jordan [52:48]

Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith is a real estate agent, investor, and designer who helps other people make money by turning ugly houses into pretty houses! As a licensed REALTOR® in both North & South Carolina, Jordan helps investors find properties, renovate them using his signature “ballin’ on a budget” design, and sell them for maximum profits. When he is not doing something real estate related (and let’s be honest, even when he is doing something real estate related 😜), you can find Jordan spending time with his hilarious wife Carmen and their three wild kiddos – Charlotte (8), Josiah (5), and Collins (2).

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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