1252: Stop Missing Out! Find Up-and-Coming Areas through Data with Ariel Herrera

June 24, 2024

DATA Scientist Ariel Herrera tells us how to figure out what’s hot and what’s not in a new real estate market. She suggests using data to identify desirable up-and-coming areas and recommends using resources like the U.S. Census to gather demographic information, population growth, and top employers in the area. She emphasizes the importance of building trust with clients by using data to back up recommendations. Ariel also explains the concept of neighborhood grades (A, B, C, D) and how they can help investors choose the right investment strategy. She introduces Coffee Clozers, a tool that provides neighborhood-grade heat maps and market data to help investors and agents make informed decisions for FREE.

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Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • How Important is Data in Real Estate? [00:00]
  • Using Data in New Markets [02:07]
  • What is Google Gemini? [3:58]
  • Why Top Employers and Amenities Matter? [05:13]
  • How to Analyze Metrics? [10:23]
  • Benchmarking [16:49]
  • 3 Things to Look at About Up-and-Coming Areas [19:17]
  • The Role of Boots-on-the-Ground Knowledge [22:40]
  • Using Coffee Clozers [23:29]
  • Connect with Ariel [25:57]

Ariel Herrera

Ariel Herrera is a Real Estate Investor and Data Scientist, with experience in bridging the gap between real estate and technology using data. Her background is in developing
AI and machine learning models to automate and streamline processes. Ariel began her real estate investing journey in 2019 to achieve financial freedom and build generational wealth. As she analyzed her own deals she realized the system was broken. Data was limited and the process was slow. She created the YouTube channel Tech In Real Estate to share her knowledge on how to use data to get started in investing. She is now the CTO of Coffee Clozers, a platform that helps investors find cash flowing deals in up-and-coming areas within minutes.

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