1172: $5k Design Package for Fix & Flip Listing Clients With Jordan Smith

September 7, 2023

Looking to land more real estate listings while leveraging your creativity? Today’s guest, Jordan Smith, has the perfect real estate niche for you: design. Jordan helps local investors find, fix, and flip properties and has closed over $17 million in volume to date thanks to his design expertise. Listen and learn how to package your unique talents for more real estate transactions.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Jordan Smith [0:44]
  • Why Jordan got his real estate license [2:24]
  • How Jordan learned about design, investing, and real estate repairs [4:20]
  • Why there’s no excuse not to master your craft [6:50]
  • Jordan’s first real estate deal [7:55]
  • The $5k design package for fix and flips [12:31]
  • Design considerations [17:35]
  • Time-saving tips for real estate redesigns [21:34]
  • Jordan’s latest listing [24:59]
  • Ways to find investor clients as a new real estate agent [27:26]
  • Why most people don’t flip properties [31:01]
  • Dialing in your deal flow [35:41]
  • The need for a comprehensive real estate company [41:30]
  • Jordan’s advice for real estate agents on niching down [44:43]
  • How to find what you love to do in real estate [46:14]
  • Where to find and follow Jordan Smith [47:56]

Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith is a real estate agent, investor, and designer who helps other people make money by turning ugly houses into pretty houses! As a licensed REALTOR® in both North & South Carolina, he helps investors find properties, renovate them using his signature “ballin’ on a budget” design, and sell them for maximum profits. When he is not doing something real estate related (and let’s be honest, even when he is doing something real estate related), you can find Jordan spending time with his hilarious wife Carmen and their three wild kiddos – Charlotte (8), Josiah (5), and Collins (2).

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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