655: Run at Max Efficiency: The Best Real Estate Apps, Systems, and Software with Josh Mente

May 25, 2018

Imagine what it would be like to run your real estate business at maximum efficiency. How many more deals could you close per year? The number’s probably higher than you think. Today’s guest, Josh Mente, helped his team sell over 300 homes last year by doing what he could to boost their efficiency. Listen as Josh shares the apps, systems, and software that made it possible to get his business firing on all cylinders. Plus, learn a strategy for targeting off-market homes with direct mail, a great all-around script for potential sellers, and more!


Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Josh’s brief bio [3:12]
  • Josh’s GCI and profit figures [3:46]
  • Why Josh never uses the MLS to find potential flips [5:16]
  • How to find the right homes for flipping [8:25]
  • Josh’s proven strategy for finding off-market homes with direct mail [9:56]
  • A script for flips, rentals, and listings [16:05]
  • Technology Josh uses to run his team at max efficiency [22:06]
  • The best way to avoid email distractions [28:23]
  • How to find out exactly how much time you spend on your phone daily [31:44]
  • A stat that proves you’re probably spending too much time on Facebook [33:37]
  • Josh’s donation to the Agent Success Toolbox [37:06]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Josh Mente

With over 12 years experience investing in real estate and the last 5 as a realtor, Josh Mente has been able to sell over 500 homes since 2009. Fresh out of college and eager to start a career, Josh entered the Mortgage banking side in 1998. By 2008 Josh had bought, fixed and sold over 50 homes and had an opportunity to list and sell bank foreclosures. As the REO business began to boom, he was able to use his skills to help homeowners and investors make educated decisions with real estate in the most difficult real estate market in the last 50 years. Having sold homes in every zip code in Metro Baltimore, Josh has a unique skill set that lends itself to those interested in adding value to homes as either an alternative entry into the marketplace for a homeowner or as an investor
looking for returns that outpace the stock market. He is the preeminent trusted resource for anyone in Baltimore looking to add value and restore homes to their former glory.

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