1184: The Five Keys to Real Estate Success With Lars Anderson

October 19, 2023

Start your real estate career off right by following the five keys to success as a Realtor. Today’s guest, Lars Anderson, follows these five principles and closes over 100 deals per year. Here, he shares how to ensure your success in this competitive industry as either a solo agent or as a team leader. Lars also discusses team splits, real estate scripts, and templates for getting transactions from start to finish smoothly. Tune in and take action toward your real estate goals.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Lars Anderson [0:57]
  • About RE/MAX Results [2:57]
  • The dynamics of a successful team [3:49]
  • A split solution for building a team [7:26]
  • The problem with hiring part-time real estate agents [10:55]
  • The five keys to real estate success [12:27]
  • Lars Anderson’s daily schedule [16:07]
  • How to start your day off right [19:32]
  • Training your brain for positivity [21:31]
  • Prospecting for real estate investor leads [22:15]
  • A script for picking up potential listing leads [30:02]
  • A property-value-based marketing strategy [33:07]
  • The cool thing about real estate teams [36:04]
  • Proven templates for closing deals [37:18]
  • An AI-based tool for templates [42:13]
  • Where to find and follow Lars Anderson [45:04]
  • What’s holding most Realtors back from success right now [45:32]

Lars Anderson

Lars is first and foremost a devoted husband and present father, and values spending quality time with loved ones. His why is helping clients build wealth, bless their communities, and bless future generations through unmatched real estate services. Lars is a full-time realtor and active investor in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. He was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. His interest in real estate is driven by his love for people and his desire to walk alongside them in the home buying, selling and investment process. His perspective is that his sole job is to add value, to educate and to empower his clients to feel confident and excited about the process of buying/selling/investing. He has a focus on investment properties from multifamily to NNN lease commercial space. Lars is all about building relationships, not just creating clients and the goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of those he serves. Lars is an active real estate investor himself and is in the process of building up a portfolio of investment properties around the Twin Cities and other markets. He really enjoys assisting others with investing in real estate as well and does so with first-hand experience. #ListWithLars

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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