1056: Time-Management Tips for Better Work-Life Balance in Real Estate – Lindsey Iskierka

June 20, 2022

Flexibility is one of the things that draws people to the real estate profession. Why, then, are so many real estate agents seemingly working around the clock? On today’s podcast, Courtney Atkinson uncovers the time-management strategies that kept Lindsey Iskierka sane and productive after becoming a parent. Tune in and find out how you can close more deals while working fewer hours on this Real Estate Rockstars.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • The challenges of running a real estate business while raising kids [4:20]
  • Finding work-life balance as a busy real estate professional [8:33]
  • Stepping into a mindset of abundance [11:04]
  • Tips for real estate agents who want to find better work-life balance [14:10]
  • The power of an effective morning routine [17:46]
  • The benefits of mentorship to a new real estate agent [22:17]
  • Working with showing assistants to save more time [25:43]
  • Providing versus receiving opportunities and the compensation involved [29:00]
  • Lindsey’s expectations for new real estate agents [30:28]
  • David Greene’s private mastermind for his agents [32:25]
  • How Lindsey measures her real estate team’s success [36:43]
  • Closing deals in California’s highly competitive real estate markets [38:17]
  • A strategic system for presenting buyers’ offers [40:27]
  • Opportunities for California-based Realtors [45:09]
  • Where to find and follow Lindsey Iskierka [47:11]

Lindsey Iskierka

Since 2015, Lindsey has been a top producing real estate agent and is the Lead Agent of the SoCal expansion of the David Greene Team. Some of her specialties include first time home buyers, real estate investors, residential home sales, luxury properties and multi-family properties.

In this competitive market, Lindsey has the skills required to negotiate the best terms for her clients while helping them achieve their real estate goals. As an investor herself owning several rental properties, Lindsey is also skilled at analyzing potential deals for investors and negotiating the best terms for them to accumulate passive income and long term wealth.

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