8 Keys to Mastering a Real Estate Listing Presentation and Close More Listings

June 2, 2016

Are you ready to learn how to master the real estate listing presentation and close more real estate listings when you get in the door? The following 8 keys to mastering a real estate listing presentation come from Brian Weast – a top-producing Dallas area Realtor who has been on close to 1,000 listing appointments during his career. Last year Brian and his team used the following real estate listing presentation process to secure and sell 90 listings.

This Real Estate Rockstar Radio podcast with Brian Weast is packed full of tips, techniques and actionable content to help you close more real estate listings. Below, you will find 8 keys to mastering a real estate listing presentation – a key point for each step in Brian’s proven system to close more listings.

Make sure to listen to the podcast to get a more detailed version of this proven marketing consultation Brian Weast developed after taking part in the Mark Leader Coaching and Listing Bootcamp and start closing more listing appointments immediately.

Steps and Takeaways from Brian’s Real Estate Listing Presentation

Step # 1 Introduction: Set aside 15 minutes prior to your listing appointment (possibly on the car ride to the house) and do not speak to anyone during this time. Turn off your phone, avoid contact with others and focus solely on winning the listing.

Step # 2 Comfort Zone: Build rapport, gain valuable information to customize marketing plan and pricing discussion for seller’s individual needs and pull out any objections you will have to handle later.

Strategy Note – Brian shared an assumptive close script which you can use at the end of the Comfort Zone step to feel out the seller. Ask the question, “Is there anything we need to discuss besides pricing the home today before we fill out the paperwork?”

Step #3 Investigating: Your focus during this step in the real estate listing presentation is to find out the exact reasons and motivations behind the sale of the house – information which is vital to your marketing and pricing presentation.

Step #4 Preview the Property with Homeowner(s): Look at property from all points of view – buyer, seller, appraisal, inspection, buyer’s agent and share the pros and cons from each point of view with the seller.

Step #5 Show Marketing Strategies: To prove your worth as an agent and why you deserve full commission, do not just tell the sellers how you will market the property. Instead, take an actual presentation with you to show consumer and then spend time fully explaining how each part (MLS, social media, etc.) works and benefits the seller.

Step #6 Pricing Presentation: Along with all other pricing factors, make sure to take into account the time factor – when the seller wants to / needs to move and local market sales times.

Step #7 Handling Objections: This step is all about handling objections you uncovered in the comfort zone, turning any stalls into objections and addressing any concern and fears.

Step #8 Close – Get the sellers’ signatures on the listing agreement and move on. Leave the house and do not take pictures or measurements. Set up a time to do this later.

The entire real estate listing presentation should not take more than 90 minutes. In his podcast interview, Brian Weast goes into much more detail on each of the above 8 steps. Give it a listen as it is full of valuable information to help you close more listings.

As an added benefit, Brian also shares exactly how he gets more listing appointments. You do not want to miss out on this! Listen to this Real Estate Rockstar Radio podcast now. Don’t forget to subscribe – iPhone, Android, Any Smartphone – so you never miss an episode.

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