Do 20 Real Estate Listings a Month Successfully and Earn More Listings from Sellers with These Tips

July 1, 2016

Can you handle 20 real estate listings a month successfully? Even if you understand how to get real estate listings flowing into your inbox, you better have a plan in place for handling those listings and delivering successful results for your sellers. If not, your reputation as a listing agent will soon go south and your steady stream of listing referrals and listing leads will dry up.

In a recent Real Estate Rockstar podcast, Brett Keppler, lead broker at TREO Realtors, shared how he does 20 real estate listings a month, delivers successful results for his sellers and has at least 3 sellers a week contact him to list houses for sale. Below, we’ll discuss how he does it. You can find more details in Brett’s Real Estate Rockstar episode.

Real Estate Listings – Analyze Past Success

To handle 20 listings a month and deliver successful results for his team’s clients, Brett turned to his past to examine his team’s success rate handling large volumes of REO sales (500 during a peak year). Because closing REOs delivered small commission amounts and took up a lot of time and energy, Brett and his team had to find ways to become more efficient to turn a profit and satisfy all parties involved in the REO transaction.

It’s no secret, learning from your past successes and failures is a smart strategy to create future success. Unfortunately, many real estate agents don’t take the time to do this.

Implement Systems for Real Estate Listings

So, after taking time to look to the past for clues on how to handle a large number or listing transactions, what did Brett uncover? More importantly, how can what he discovered be applied to handling a large number of property listings successfully? The answer to that question is a key to your success as well.

He soon discovered it was creating and implementing systems which led enabled his teem to succeed. He then applied the same strategy to successfully handle 20 real estate listings a month. Systems allow you and your real estate team to be leaner, operate more efficiently and perform to a high standard your clients expect.

Tap into Technology for Daily Operations

Systems are a start. However, to see the true benefit of systems and real estate listings, you must also tap into technology. All systems – from internal team operations to communications and real estate transactions – benefit from the use of the right technology.

One piece of key advice Brett shared was that instead of using an all-in-one technology system, go with the power players. Use technology from companies that do one thing and one thing well. Then find a way, create a system, to get them to work together.

Drive Real Estate Listings to Your Front Door

With systems and technology in place, you are now ready to handle large volumes of real estate listings each month. Where will you get these listings leads. Brett has 2 to 3 sellers contact his team each week asking them to list their houses for sale.

How can you learn from Brett’s success? His strategy is no big secret, but it is the execution of the strategy which makes a huge difference.

It all starts with going after expired listings – something many agents already do. Brett, however, goes a step beyond by using technology to locate sellers with expired listings and then utilizes a drip email marketing campaign which builds relationships and delivers value. In the end, this system delivers about 3 sellers each week.

You can get more details about this strategy which delivers listing leads to his front door and learn more about how he handles 20 real estate listing leads successfully each month in Brett’s podcast interview.

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