1210: A Day in the Life of a Gen Z Real Estate Agent With Morgan Turner

January 29, 2024

Want to get the Gen Z perspective on real estate sales? Catch today’s Real Estate Rockstars with one of Ohio’s newest, youngest, and most successful Realtors, Morgan Turner. Morgan shares her social-media-focused marketing strategies, her process for following up with potential clients, and more. Morgan and Shelby also discuss building relationships in the real estate space and what it takes to get videos in front of the people who matter most—buyers and sellers. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Getting over the hurdle of marketing and branding [0:55]
  • The social media platform Morgan Turner focuses on [3:50]
  • Morgan’s marketing strategy for Instagram [4:19]
  • How to make your social media posts more attractive [6:39]
  • A day in the life of Morgan Turner [7:53]
  • Morgan’s video ideas for social media [9:11]
  • What people forget when they get on social media [10:28]
  • Tips for getting your videos in front of potential clients [11:28]
  • Editing software for your real estate videos [15:26]
  • Morgan’s follow-up process for potential clients [23:07]
  • A low-pressure process for working with new real estate clients [27:49]
  • Morgan’s thoughts on contingent real estate offers [29:23]
  • Ways to find fast success in real estate [32:12]
  • Feeding the people who feed you [35:49]
  • Where to find and follow Morgan Turner [39:45]

Morgan Turner

Morgan Turner, Greater Dayton’s #1 local expert and realtor with Irongate Realtors, born and raised as a Dayton local which gives her a strong root in the community for people moving here or even the locals that want to know what’s going on in their neighborhood this weekend! Morgan leverages Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok as her main source of marketing, where she provides the best places to go, things to do and home tours in the Greater Dayton area. IG: @turgannnn, FB: Morgan Turner and TT: @turgannnn. Check her out at morganturner@irongaterealtors.com

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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