1211: “The Broke Agent” REVEALED: The Man Behind the Memes (#1 WORLDWIDE Account for Real Estate Agent Humor)

February 1, 2024

The Broke Agent, the man behind the world’s best real estate memes, joins us on today’s podcast. Hear how The Broke Agent, aka Eric Simon, went from hating real estate sales to finding humor in the absurdity of it all and later creating a real estate media company unlike any other. Eric outlines the steps he took to grow his social media accounts, how he monetized the memes, and what he plans to do with his media company moving forward. Shelby and Eric also discuss the most effective types of content in real estate right now, upcoming Broke Agent Media events, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • What you’ll learn in this Real Estate Rockstars [0:00]
  • Who is The Broke Agent? [1:31]
  • Eric Simon’s start in real estate [3:01]
  • When Eric committed to content creation instead of real estate sales [7:18]
  • The problem with selling real estate merch [10:45]
  • The Traffic & Conversion Summit [11:55]
  • How to gain massive growth on social media platforms [14:46]
  • Why The Broke Agent content is so popular [17:12]
  • Trendjacking as a content marketing strategy [18:54]
  • Greenscreen content: A marketing strategy that’s working very well right now [20:30]
  • A strategy for getting more views on your reels [22:38]
  • Maintaining your audience’s trust [24:03]
  • What Broke Agent Media is and how Eric Simon’s content has expanded [26:15]
  • Why the real estate media space is so boring [28:59]
  • BAM’s company structure explained [32:12]
  • What BAMx is and how to join [36:02]
  • Resources for creating content that converts [40:59]
  • What’s so frustrating about being a real estate agent [46:30]
  • Broke Agent Media’s newest offering: real estate events [48:41]
  • How substandard content hurts your brand and your future engagement [52:20]
  • The BAM Pro Bowl: How to attend for FREE [54:23]
  • Why the email list is everything when it comes to conversion [57:00]
  • About Tom Ferry events [59:48]
  • Where to find and follow The Broke Agent [1:01:38]

Eric Simon

As a newly licensed real estate agent in Los Angeles, Eric had no idea what the hell to do. He cold-called, door knocked, and sat dead open houses every Saturday and Sunday to no success. So, Eric did what he always does when he fails at something: make fun of it. Eric escaped to social media as @TheBrokeAgent where he began posting the inner monologue of an anonymous, struggling real estate agent. Luckily, the content quickly gained traction as @TheBrokeAgent stood out as a refreshing voice amongst an oversaturated marketplace of luxury agents, sales gurus, and assholes. After six years of memes, Gifs, skits, comics, blogs, and now a podcast, the Broke Agent brand has evolved into a media company with over half a million followers across all major platforms. Their goal is to make real estate agents laugh through the daily stress of the industry and also help improve their business through their community and content platform. Today Eric continued to sell real estate on the Westside of Los Angeles and run the daily operations of The Broke Agent. His focus is on growing the brand and continuing to be the go-to source for real estate entertainment, podcasting, marketing, and eventually news.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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