Learn How This New Real Estate Agent Created an $80 Million Business in 2 Years

April 11, 2017

Do you want to achieve major success as a new real estate agent but aren’t sure how to make it happen? Do you lack the guidance needed to make the crucial decisions that can make or break your real estate career? If so, Pat’s recent podcast interview with Amanda Todd is definitely one you don’t want to miss.

As a new real estate agent, Amanda carved out a name for herself and built an $80 million business in just 2 years! Below, we’ll discuss some of the things Amanda did early on in order to become a successful real estate agent. For more information and additional tips for new real estate agents, listen to the interview.

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How Farming Helped Amanda as a New Real Estate Agent

Despite the fact that Amanda went into real estate without much guidance, she handled real estate farming like a seasoned professional almost immediately. Not only did she host an impressive number of open houses in her neighborhood, she attended other agents’ open houses to get a feel for pricing and popular floor plans.

In addition to her hard work with open houses, Amanda hosted community events and put out a neighborhood newsletter as a beginning real estate agent. Ultimately, Amanda’s efforts with farming paid off; she got her first listing from the parent of a child in her kid’s class. As Amanda continued marketing her real estate services to residents of her farm, she managed to pick up an ever-increasing number of listings!

How Amanda Started Prospecting as a New Real Estate Agent

As with farming, Amanda took prospecting very seriously as a new real estate agent. She didn’t have to go to her office, but she went Monday through Friday anyway. She did this because she wanted to treat her real estate business like a 9-to-5 job. While at her office, Amanda would personally email and call potential clients.

When prospecting on the phone, Amanda always made sure to build rapport with potential clients by listening to what they had to say. She didn’t focus on the transaction or push her services aggressively; she didn’t need to. Thanks to her hard work, follow-up, and authenticity, Amanda managed to prospect like a highly successful real estate agent from the start.

Amanda’s Farming Tips for New Real Estate Agents

Because of her incredible success as a new real estate agent, Amanda is often asked the same question: What should new real estate agents do? To answer, she suggests farming and offers a few helpful tips on selecting and building it.

First, Amanda stresses the importance of selecting the right neighborhood, one that’s both nearby and full of potential listings. Then she suggests learning the ins and outs of the farm, details like floor plans and sale prices. Finally, Amanda tells each new real estate agent to get their name out there by hosting events and marketing like the success of their business depends on it!

If you want your time as a new real estate agent to be as impressive as Amanda’s, be sure to listen to the complete podcast interview with Amanda Todd!

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