Manage Online Real Estate Leads and Maximize Lead Conversion Rates Like This Million-Dollar Agent

May 5, 2017

Learn to convert online real estate leads like a million-dollar agent by using the right tools and the best practices. Recent guest Steve Pemberton, a veteran agent with nearly $700 million in closed sales, has found a way to maximize lead conversion rates by managing online leads with the features available to members of Zillow’s Premier Agent program.

In this post, we’ll cover a few of these features and how Steve uses them to capture and convert the best Zillow real estate leads possible. For more information on Steve’s real estate lead conversion system and details on how he’s managed to sell nearly 200 homes this year, listen to the podcast interview below.

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Routing Online Real Estate Leads

One of the features Steve uses to manage Zillow real estate leads is lead routing. Zillow’s lead-routing feature allows users to route leads to agents using different criteria – including listing price and location. Not only does this feature make the process of responding to leads less cumbersome for agents, it also ensures potential clients have a smooth experience as well.

In Steve’s case, routing by price is especially handy. As a veteran agent with nearly 40 years in real estate, he isn’t interested in taking every low-price listing that comes along. By configuring his Zillow Premier Agent settings to deliver only the calls from leads with high-dollar listings to him, Steve is able to work on earning the best commissions while managing the rest of his real estate team.

Broadcasting Incoming Zillow Real Estate Leads to All Agents

Another Zillow feature that helps Steve maximize lead conversion rates is the ability to broadcast leads to multiple agents simultaneously. By doing this, Steve, or one of his agents, is almost always able to answer incoming calls from leads quickly, one of the proven practices for effective real estate lead conversion.

For small teams, especially teams that still need an inside sales agent, this is an absolutely essential feature. When at a listing appointment, or when hosting an open house, it’s not always possible to answer calls from potential clients. By broadcasting calls from online real estate leads to all agents, someone is far more likely to answer or respond in the time required for effective lead conversion.

Tracking Response Patterns for Online Real Estate Leads

In addition to utilizing Zillow’s lead-distribution features to maximize lead conversion rates, Steve is able to track his agents’ response patterns. Steve’s son, for instance, who has been working as an agent for a short period of time, has an excellent lead-response rate. In fact, it’s so good that for every 6 phone contacts he makes with Zillow real estate leads, he sells a home.

If you want to learn more about how Steve and his team manage their inbound leads, including information on how Steve’s son is able to convert such an impressive percentage of his online real estate leads as a rookie agent, be sure to listen to the complete podcast interview with Steve Pemberton.

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