Russell Shaw’s Guide to Real Estate Listing Presentations

October 6, 2017

Need a guide to follow for more success with real estate listing presentations? Listing legend Russell Shaw shared exactly that during a recent Real Estate Rockstars podcast. From where he sits with sellers when presenting to how he handles closing, Russell covered his complete process in detail. Read on and discover how one of the world’s top-ranked agents gets listings.

For even more details on how Russell handles real estate listing appointments, listen to the podcast below. In addition to his process for presenting to sellers, Russell talks pricing strategies, marketing ideas, and more.

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What to Do Before Your Listing Presentations

Here’s Russell’s first rule for listing appointments: Always be on time. Running late to listing appointments is one of the mistakes agents make that can jeopardize their ability to gain sellers’ trust and will ultimately reduce their chances of closing successfully.

Before jumping into a listing presentation, Russell always tours the entire home. While this does help him get a better feel for the property, he does it for a different reason; he wants sellers to believe he’s thorough. When the time comes to discuss price, sellers are more likely to listen knowing that Russell has seen their entire home.

Another important detail that too many listing agents ignore is the setting for the listing presentation. Simply sitting on the couch with sellers isn’t a good option. Select an area better suited for a meeting, like a dining room, so you’re able to give your listing presentation comfortably and professionally.

How Russell Shaw Gives Real Estate Listing Presentations

After Russell has viewed the home and selected a good spot to give his listing presentation, he’ll often ask for a glass of water. When presenting to couples, this helps him determine who the decision maker is and allows him to focus his attention on them while presenting.

When going through his pre-listing package, which is available for download in our Agent Toolbox, he makes sure to cover the reasons sellers should list with him. Since Russell has worked in real estate for decades, it makes sense to highlight his experience. In your case, this might not be the best option. If it’s not, simply find something to focus on that’s unique about you and your services.

Once Russell gets to pricing, he makes it clear that he’s on the same side as sellers. He doesn’t want to overprice or underprice the home; he wants to price it in a way that generates enough interest to sell it for top dollar. As Russell explains to sellers, he’s able to do this because he truly knows his market. When it comes to pricing strategy, there’s no substitute for this knowledge.

By the time Russell prepares to close, most reasonable sellers are ready to list with him. Over the course of his entire professional relationship with sellers, including during listing presentations, Russell gives them information that’s in their best interest, not his. If now isn’t the best time for a seller to go to market, for instance, he won’t hesitate to tell them.

According to Russell, building trust and rapport with sellers is one of the keys to closing. If a seller believes you’re competent and have their best interests in mind, you’ll be the agent they list with.

More Resources for Mastering Real Estate Listing Presentations

To get more resources for mastering real estate listing presentations, including Russell Shaw’s pre-listing package, sign up for our FREE Agent Toolbox. In addition to tools for getting more listings, it includes buyer guides, marketing materials, and more from the best agents in the business!

For more details on Russell’s real estate listing presentations, listen to the complete podcast with Russell Shaw.

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