Real Estate Networking: The 5 Keys to Better Connections and Higher Commissions

May 12, 2017

Master real estate networking and start earning higher commissions with these 5 keys to building better connections. Recent guest Judy Robinett, an expert on networking, has developed and utilized these keys to accelerate the growth and profitability of her own entrepreneurial projects and those of other major successes in various business industries. In this post, we’ll explore the 5 keys to better connections and explain how you can use them to improve your business.

For the complete details on Judy’s powerful networking strategies, listen to the podcast interview below.

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Use the Real Estate Networking Connections You Have

A mistake that many agents make when attempting to accomplish their real estate goals is ignoring the connections they already have. If you already know the perfect person to ask for help on one of your real estate projects, why waste time trying to find someone else? To ensure that you don’t disregard your current business connections, take some time to evaluate who you already know and what they have to offer.

Talk About Your Story and Goals

When you meet someone new, there’s no way for either of you to know whether or not they can help you accomplish your goals if these goals aren’t discussed. Obviously, you don’t want to talk about yourself for an entire conversation, but you do want to ensure your story and your goals are explored to some extent. So, remember to talk about your personal story and emphasize your goals during all networking events.

Find the Gaps in Your Real Estate Networking Strategy

When planning for future networking events, be sure to think about where your networking gaps are. Don’t limit yourself by only networking with other real estate agents. Make sure that you’re taking the time to meet professionals from other industries as well, like the mortgage industry. The broader your network becomes, the more powerful it will be.

Put Yourself in the Right Room

When you have a very specific goal in mind, like expanding your business into a specific area or niche, you should try to meet the people who can help make it happen. This is a very useful tactic when it comes to expanding your market focus to other zip codes. If you want to build a real estate farm in a specific area, for instance, you should aim to meet more people from that area, especially those who have strong networks of their own.

Create Exposure for Better Real Estate Networking Opportunities

Finally, and most importantly, you need to get yourself out there more if you want to expand your network. In real estate, you can’t simply sit back and wait for business to come to you. Building meaningful connections is the best way to increase your client pool and ensure your next deal is always just around the corner. Also, building better connections will help attract the right clientele for big deals and high commissions.

If you want to learn more about the connection between real estate networking and higher commissions, including how to boost your average sale price, be sure to listen to the complete podcast interview with Judy Robinett.

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