This Real Estate Referral Strategy is Guaranteed to Unleash a Referral Explosion

September 20, 2016

Is your real estate referral strategy costing you clients and money? What if you discovered that everything you have heard about referrals from real estate coaches and sales experts was all wrong? Now is the time to turn your real estate referral strategy on its head and unleash a referral explosion that generates more clients and more money for the rest of your real estate career.

Controversial referral expert Stacey Brown Randall packed our latest podcast full of actionable advice that is guaranteed to improve real estate agent’s referral strategies.

Let’s take a quick look at three steps to generate referrals and grow your real estate business. But first, let’s take a look at what Stacey Brown Randall says is bad advice we’ve been receiving for years.

3 Ways Your Referral Strategy Costs You Clients

According to Stacey Brown Randall, in order to start getting more seller leads, listing appointments and buyer clients from your real estate referral strategy, you must first eliminate the following three things from you referral mindset.

Mistake 1 – Always be asking
Mistake 2 – Always find opportunities to ask in inappropriate times
Mistake 3 – Referrals are about you

Stacey covered each of these mistakes in-depth in her podcast interview with Pat. Once you recognize what you have been doing wrong, you can then move onto taking the correct steps to unleash a referral explosion.

Real Estate Referral Strategy Step One – The Right Relationships

Not all relationships are the right relationships for referrals. Start by identifying your top referrers – a solid base of people who refer you multiple times. Once this list is established, focus your energy on these relationships. You’ll hear exactly how to do this in the podcast.

Real Estate Referral Strategy Step Two – Sticky Client Experience

Next, make sure you create a killer, sticky client experience. You must wow your clients which, in turn, will create a desire to talk about you to everyone they know in person and on social media. When a client experience is sticky, you become a part of the client’s life and it is a relationship that never ends.

Real Estate Referral Strategy Step Three – Stay Top of Mind

Here are Stacey’s three platinum principles of referrals. Your referral strategy for real estate should 1) be all about them, 2) be authentic to you, and 3)keep you top of mind. And remember, staying top of mind should never be about sending referrers magnets and water bottles with a goal of ensuring your business’s name and logo are anywhere and everywhere. Instead, it should involve offering value with a focus on them and not you.

If you truly wish to make more money with your real estate referral strategy, then make sure to listen to Stacey’s podcast interview. It is is full of value, actionable advice and goes into more detail on all of the steps mentioned above.

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