Real Estate Video Marketing: 3 Ways to Generate Leads with Social Media

July 25, 2017

Real estate video marketing is possibly the most effective marketing method available to agents; it’s definitely one of the cheapest. Marketing-savvy agents are able to generate tons of new business with videos while spending next to nothing on advertising. Recent guest Katharine Loucaidou has done it and you can too.

During her interview on Real Estate Rockstars, Katharine shared exactly how she creates, edits, and markets her videos. Read about three of the ways Katharine uses video to generate and convert leads in this post. You can hear all the details on her methods, including how she boosts her videos on Facebook, by listening to the podcast below.

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Monthly Market Snapshots to Capture Local Leads

The first way Katharine started marketing her real estate business with video was by creating monthly market snapshots. After uploading her market snapshot videos to Facebook, Katharine boosts targeted Facebook posts to reach the people who live in her market. For most agents, this is the best video marketing strategy to try first because it’s very easy to pull off.

To create your own market snapshots, you’ll need to start with a little research. Find out how homes are doing in your area and report your findings via video. The information you offer should be valuable to potential clients, so keep your audience in mind. Both buyers and sellers appreciate information concerning home values, sale prices, and inventory levels.

Real Estate Video Marketing for Listings to Create Buyer Leads

When Katharine has a listing, marketing it with video offers the best value. She spent less than $100 boosting her first listing video on Facebook locally, but the open house was a huge success. She sold the listing, turned 7 of the attendees into new clients, and generated over $100,000 in commissions!

Reaching the right audience is the secret to succeeding with open house videos. To market your listings with video, you should target only people who live in the area. This will help to ensure the right people see your videos without burning through your advertising budget.

Business Highlights as a Form of Real Estate Video Marketing

With the previous two video strategies helping Katharine generate leads and commissions, her business has been growing at a rapid pace. To help other local businesses achieve the same level of success, Katharine started interviewing local business owners on video and sharing these videos via Facebook. Over time, she gained recognition as not only a real estate agent but also as someone invested in her local community.

Since buyers and sellers enjoy working with agents they like, know, and trust, building community ties via business highlights is a good strategy for generating business. While it won’t generate leads as effectively as the first two strategies, it will certainly help with conversion. Besides, helping local businesses find success will ensure that they stick around.

If you want to learn more about how you can generate more business with real estate video marketing, be sure to listen to the complete podcast interview with Katharine Loucaidou.

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