1158: How to Earn $3,472 per Hour Cold Calling With Greg McDaniel

July 6, 2023

Greg McDaniel earns $3,472 per hour cold calling real estate leads, and you can too! On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Greg shares his cold-calling systems and scripts. Listen and learn how to instantly triple your productivity when prospecting. You’ll also get a pending-property script that any agent can use. Plus, Greg explains why real estate agents should celebrate their losses, how a strong social media presence wins listings, and what you can do right now to increase your conversion rate.

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Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Greg McDaniel’s real estate career [4:24]
  • How social media can win you real estate listings [6:31]
  • The shift with cold calling [7:25]
  • A pending-property script that any agent can use [8:34]
  • How to triple your productivity with cold calling [13:49]
  • Ways to get your reps in with cold calling [17:08]
  • How to do video texts and emails [22:42]
  • A way to come up with real estate content [24:39]
  • Automated follow-up systems and advice on real estate CRMs [27:34]
  • Greg McDaniel’s cold-calling stats [30:29]
  • What getting one percent better can do for your annual earnings [34:01]
  • Why you should celebrate your losses [38:26]
  • What’s next for Greg McDaniel [43:31]
  • Where to find and follow Greg McDaniel [43:46]

Greg McDaniel

Greg McDaniel literally began his career in real estate at his father’s knee & it would not be an exaggeration to say that real estate is in his blood. Greg learned the real estate industry from his dad, Terry McDaniel, a 42 year real estate veteran – acting as his chauffeur and watching him negotiate real estate transactions.

As a partner in McDaniel/Callahan Real Estate, Greg works with a team of professionals dedicated to educating buyers & sellers about every aspect of the real estate process & providing the highest degree of service with the goal of providing every client with a seamless transaction that get RESULTS.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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