1205: Ricky Carruth – How I’d Start Over in Real Estate Right Now

January 11, 2024

Ricky Carruth built a real estate business that consistently generated over one million dollars in annual revenue with minimal expenses. If Ricky started over in real estate today, how would he do it again? Listen to this Real Estate Rockstars podcast and find out. In today’s interview, Ricky explains why conversations will always be the key to commissions and what today’s real estate agents should do to have more of them. Ricky also shares why starting a real estate team is a bad idea, when his real estate business really exploded, and how to get out of the rat race for good.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • How Ricky Carruth would start over in real estate right now [1:49]
  • Ricky’s real estate accomplishments [7:29]
  • The difference between today’s real estate agents and real estate OGs [9:52]
  • The different hierarchies of communication [10:28]
  • Where most agents go wrong and why Ricky’s real estate business exploded [14:29]
  • How Realtors over-complicate their prospecting calls [15:14]
  • A day in the life of Ricky Carruth [19:52]
  • Why most real estate agents feel trapped instead of free [26:24]
  • When Ricky Carruth decided to get out of the rat race [28:52]
  • Ricky’s thoughts on real estate teams [30:17]
  • Why Ricky Carruth got out of real estate production [37:19]
  • Ricky’s plans for the future [42:31]
  • Building a successful business without all of the headaches [45:22]
  • Events Ricky Carruth will be at this year [50:05]
  • Where to find and follow Ricky Carruth [53:11]

Ricky Carruth

Top real estate agent in Alabama, Ricky Carruth personally closed 100+ deals a year for eight years in a row as a single agent in Alabama. He also started speaking, writing and coaching in 2017 through his Zero to Diamond free real estate coaching company with a mission to reduce the failure rate in the real estate industry by bringing awareness that it’s not about the deal, it’s about the relationship. Ricky is the No-Pressure Agent. Born and raised on the Gulf Coast, Ricky has been selling real estate since he was 20 years old. Starting his career in 2002, he has been through this roller coaster of a market and back. After tons of life lessons of ups and downs, Ricky has emerged as the #1 agent on the Gulf Coast since 2014. His dedication to his clients, hard work ethic and market knowledge are his key attributes that have place him a step ahead of the rest.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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