592: Take Home $250k as a New Agent: How 24-Year-Old Shane Dulgeroff Dominates His Market

December 27, 2017

Want to beat seasoned agents at the listing game but aren’t sure how? Get ready to take notes from today’s guest. With only two years of real estate experience, Shane Dulgeroff gets and sells a steady supply of million-dollar listings. Last year, he took home over $250,000, and he’s not even 25! Listen and learn how Shane leverages his social media expertise and a hunger for more business to win luxury listings. He shares strategies for running targeted Facebook advertisements, tips on getting top spots for hyperlocal hashtags on Instagram, and more.


Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Shane’s brief bio [2:36]
  • Why Shane loves real estate [4:36]
  • Shane’s ECI and profit figures for the last 12 months [5:01]
  • How Shane got his first few listings [5:32]
  • An app for signing visitors in at open houses [9:38]
  • Where Shane gets most of his business [12:42]
  • How to convert sign calls into commissions [13:27]
  • Why Shane doesn’t like using scripts [14:51]
  • Shane’s thoughts on social media platforms [17:08]
  • How Shane beats experienced agents at the listing game [22:02]
  • Shane’s targeting strategy for Facebook ads [23:00]
  • A strategy for ranking highly with hyperlocal hashtags [24:44]
  • Why Shane is highly selective of buyer clients [28:05]
  • Shane’s strategy for selling as many homes as possible in six months [30:44]
  • Where to get Shane’s Just Sold Mailer [32:19]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Shane Dulgeroff

From an early age Shane has been interested in Real Estate, he loved the varied architecture of the Westlake Village home, interior and exterior design. He started in the investing side helping in the family business flipping high-end houses in the Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks area. It seemed only natural that he would ultimately bring together his appreciation for residential real estate and his tenacious negotiation skills.

 Known by his clients and colleagues alike for his perseverance, honesty and fairness, Shane has a great reputation for quick timely response to each client’s needs and concerns.  His telephone and email are always at hand. The result of that consummate professionalism is his portfolio of referrals from past and present clients.

Shane is known for his intuition and diligence while employing encouragement and genuine concern as he creates a positive experience for both sides in any property transaction.

In addition to his professional responsibilities Shane enjoys travel, golf, motorsport and fishing.

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