1224: How to Save Difficult Real Estate Deals With Stamie Karakasidis

March 18, 2024

Sick of real estate deals going sour? Listen to today’s Real Estate Rockstars podcast with veteran agent Stamie Karakasidis for tips on saving difficult deals. In addition to inspections, Stamie covers client communication, negotiating with other agents, and more. Plus, Stamie and Shelby discuss what it’s like transitioning from solo agent to team agent, the positives and negatives of a real estate career, and more. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • What you’ll learn in today’s Real Estate Rockstars Podcast [0:00]
  • The dopamine hits real estate provides [1:12]
  • Reaching out to past clients on Valentine’s Day [2:28]
  • Stamie Karakasidis’ advice for new real estate agents [4:15]
  • Inspections to recommend to your buyer clients [9:04]
  • Why luxury homes are more work to sell [16:56]
  • How to manage expectations with inspection-related problems [19:58]
  • Stamie’s favorite real estate tools [23:39]
  • Switching from solo agent to team agent [26:48]
  • The positives and negatives of a career in real estate [32:30]
  • Stamie’s goals for the future [33:19]
  • Advice for Real Estate Rockstars listeners: Go above and beyond [35:30]
  • Get out of your own head! [37:12]
  • Where to find and follow Stamie Karakasidis [39:50]

Stamie Karakasidis

Stamie Karakasidis is a Los Angeles realtor with 21 years of expertise and a passion for helping people grow their real estate portfolio from primary residence to investment properties.

Stamie grew up in both Philadelphia and Greece, Stamie’s background encompasses diverse experiences, including managing a family business, excelling in athletics, and even delving into the world of stand-up comedy, all of which have enriched her real estate acumen. She has become a master of social media in the real estate world, ranking as the 7th top realtor to follow in Los Angeles on social media on RoomVu.com and #34 in top 100 real estate agents in California on PropertySpark.com.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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