1095: Leading by Example for Strong Real Estate Sales – Susanna Medrano

November 7, 2022

Real estate sales may be slowing, but that doesn’t mean that your team can’t continue to produce at a high level. On today’s podcast with Susanna Medrano, we discuss why team leaders must educate and inspire their agents. Tune in for tips on leading by example, strategies for making sales with consistent prospecting, and advice on overcoming fear in an ever-changing market. Susanna also shares some of the tricks that helped her find fast success when she was a new real estate agent.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • A powerful testimonial for Pat Hiban’s 6 Steps to 7 Figures [3:46]
  • How affirmations and goals can help you grow as a Realtor [5:23]
  • About Watters International Realty [6:46]
  • Leading with energy and enthusiasm [8:09]
  • Keeping a virtual team focused on prospecting [10:08]
  • Taking massive action to survive the shifting market [12:13]
  • A unique way to inspire your agents [13:07]
  • The triangle method for team leaders [14:53]
  • A better way to prospect: call jams [16:06]
  • Two things Susanna wishes she knew early in her real estate career [21:52]
  • Overcoming fear as a real estate professional [25:09]
  • A HUGE mistake you can make when managing a team [30:37]
  • Susanna’s final piece of advice for agents [33:05]
  • Susanna’s final piece of advice for team leaders [34:32]

Susanna Medrano

There has been no greater satisfaction than witnessing the spark within the 100s of agents across Central Texas that Susanna has had the honor and privilege of coaching throughout her real estate career. And that is exactly what she is committed to doing for you.

Deep within each and every one of us, is potential yearning to be expressed. Susanna knows this because for 20 years, she had to do some soul searching of her own to decide who she wanted to be in this world. Susanna knew that she wanted to make a difference and leave behind a legacy greater than herself.

One of the biggest decisions in every person’s life is the decision to find a place that they can call home. Susanna knew more than anything that it was her purpose to be an integral part of the decision-making process. Susanna coaches her agents and she lives by this principle that her father David Medrano passed down to her:

“Be relentless in the face of rejection.”

It is because of this philosophy that:

In Susanna’s first year, closed 11 million as a Buyer Agent
In her second year, became the Top Producer for the Entire Brokerage of Watters International
In her third year, became a Team Leader
In her fourth year, became the Brokerage’s Director of Sales, and her Team placed 1st at the Austin Business Journal Awards
Susanna’s seventh year, led the team to closing a record of 920 transactions, placing 1st again at the Austin Business Journal Awards

Susanna’s greatest accomplishment isn’t the fact that she is the National Sales and Leadership Coach for Watters International. Her great accomplishment is having had the opportunity to have coached, motivated, and inspired hundreds of agents across Central Texas, and she doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Susanna’s question to you is, are you ready to be relentless no matter what? Contact her to ignite the spark within.

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