Double, triple, or even quadruple your investment on home renovations when the time comes to sell! Top real estate agent and renovation expert Tracy McLaughlin joins us today to share how she regularly gets sellers 4x returns with the right home renovations. Not only does she cover her proven 2-step process for renovating sellers’ homes, she lists the exact renovations that provide the highest ROI in today’s housing markets. If you want to maximize sale prices for clients or boost the value of your own home, this is one Real Estate Rockstars podcast you won’t want to miss! Continue reading

Have you ever wondered how the stars of popular home-flipping shows make those huge profits in what seems like no time at all? According to Kevin Carroll, an agent who runs a nationwide home-flipping business, they don’t! Listen in as Kevin cuts through the misinformation and gives would-be investors honest details on the profits to expect when flipping homes. Kevin also provides a wealth of tips on ways to minimize risks and maximize rewards when flipping homes on the side or as an integral part of your real estate business. Don’t miss out on this honest, inside look at house flipping on today’s Real Estate Rockstars podcast! Continue reading

Have you ever wondered if your real estate commission is worth the hours you put into earning it? Have you ever thought that there might just be a more effective way to grow wealthy with real estate? One time police officer and Texas real estate agent Michael Owen had those same questions and the answers he got took him on a different real estate path – a path that now has him on the fast lane to financial freedom. Hear Michael’s story and how you can take the same path in today’s podcast interview. Continue reading