1193: Open House Hacks for Winning Buyers’ Business With Taylor Doolittle

November 20, 2023

Taylor Doolittle built a booming real estate business by hosting open houses. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, he covers how he did it so that you can win buyers’ business at your next open house. In addition to sharing several strategies for generating trust and contact details, Taylor discusses the psychology of sales and the mindset every Realtor needs to make open houses worthwhile. Shelby and Taylor also talk community involvement, home-buyer seminars, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Taylor Doolittle [1:52]
  • How to make open houses worthwhile no matter what [7:01]
  • Leading with value at an open house [8:31]
  • A low-pressure approach to open houses [12:11]
  • A quick script for connecting potential clients with lenders [16:58]
  • First-time home buyer seminars [18:31]
  • A last-ditch, low-pressure ask for contact details [20:39]
  • The right mindset for running open houses [28:48]
  • Getting your reps in to get over rejection [32:57]
  • How to host open houses when you don’t have any listings [34:54]
  • Following up with open house leads [38:26]
  • Tracking KPIs for open houses [40:32]
  • Getting involved with people in your community [42:06]
  • Where to find and follow Taylor Doolittle [47:44]

Taylor Doolittle

Taylor is a husband, father, realtor and investor in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. He empowers clients to achieve long-term happiness and success through real estate, always striving to find the best fit and most profitable outcome. He values honesty and integrity and seeks to equip his clients to build wealth and bless future generations through unmatched real estate services.

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