Top 5 Real Estate Rockstars Podcasts for October 2018

October 31, 2018

What do several high-level agents, a successful industrial investor, and a top real estate coach all have in common? They all put out awesome real estate podcasts last month and managed to make our list of October’s top Real Estate Rockstars episodes! Listen below and learn what these incredible guests said to get Rockstar Nation so excited.

710: Make Easy Money in Real Estate with Hoss Pratt

Most would agree that it takes hard work to make lots of money in real estate, but today’s guest, Hoss Pratt, isn’t like most people. Hoss, the CEO of coaching firm Hoss Pratt International, is renowned for his ability to help agents hit incredible sales figures fast. On this Real Estate Rockstars, he outlines the approach agents must take to make easy money in this industry. By implementing Hoss’ simple tips, you’ll make more money in less time, so listen in and learn how to stop running your real estate business the hard way!

712: Things Every Agent Should Do for More Business and Maximum Profit with Dustin Fox

Agent Dustin Fox hasn’t been in real estate long, but he’s already hit a sales volume of $40 million per year at a profit margin of 73 percent. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Dustin explains exactly what he’s doing to get tons of business without spending tons of money. In addition to covering his most successful direct-mail campaigns, he shares how he’s adapted his online marketing strategy to work with Facebook’s new targeting requirements. Plus, Dustin offers advice all new agents should hear in order to start making sales fast.

711: How to Start a Second Career in Real Estate the Right Way with Paul Swack

Starting a second career in real estate and worried about what might go wrong? Don’t be! Instead, listen to this interview with agent Paul Swack. Paul’s been in real estate less than two years now, but he’s already earning close to $300,000 annually. On today’s podcast, he shares the steps he took to jumpstart his new career, including what he did to get his first few clients and how he leveraged online leads to build his business. Paul also discusses the importance of having a good coach, his goals for the future, and more.

720: Why Now Is the Time to Buy Industrial Real Estate with Doug Marshall

Have you been waiting for the perfect time to invest in industrial real estate? That time is now. With the cannabis industry booming, there’s a huge unmet demand for industrial properties, and their value continues to climb rapidly. On today’s podcast, Doug Marshall offers investment advice backed by his 35+ years of commercial real estate experience. In addition to explaining how listeners can evaluate whether or not commercial properties are right for them, he shares how to make smart, safe real estate investments through research and reliance on the right tools.

714: Turn Clients into Good Friends and Great Referral Sources with Denae Judd

The biggest mistake agents make doesn’t occur before or even during real estate transactions. It happens once the deal is done. Instead of taking the time to turn good clients into good friends, most agents simply move on. Unfortunately for them, so do the clients. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Denae Judd explains how she connects with clients after closing. Pay attention because what she’s doing works. Denae’s past clients bring her hundreds of thousands of dollars in repeat and referral business. If you put her practices to use, yours will too!

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