Top Real Estate Podcasts of October 2019

October 31, 2019

Looking to hone your sales skills so that you can generate more real estate business? Listen to last month’s top real estate podcasts for tips you can use to immediately improve your conversion and client satisfaction. Guests include the author of Never Split the Difference, Chris Voss, and Million Dollar Listing star Roh Habibi. For the latest Real Estate Rockstars releases, visit

845: Negotiation Expert Chris Voss Shares the Secrets of Professional Persuasion

Before authoring Never Split the Difference, one of the top negotiation books of all time, Chris Voss worked as the FBI’s lead negotiator for international kidnappings. On today’s podcast, Chris shares the secrets of professional persuasion and explains what agents can do to save deals that are in danger of falling through. Pat and Chris role-play several common real estate negotiations, including those for post-inspection repairs and last-minute hang-ups at settlement. Chris also outlines the communication pitfalls that cost agents referrals, how to manage client expectations, and more.

842: How to Do a Double-Ended Deal with Million Dollar Listing Star Roh Habibi

How hard is it really to do a double-ended real estate deal? According to Million Dollar Listing San Francisco star Roh Habibi, it’s not as difficult as many agents seem to think. On today’s show, Roh breaks down how he facilitates negotiations between buyers and sellers for some of San Francisco’s most luxurious properties. Roh also shares his experiences on the world’s most-watched real estate show and offers advice to agents on building a brand.

840: The Next Real Estate Downturn Is Right Around the Corner with Robert Campbell

Real estate expert and author Robert Campbell has been in or around the industry his entire life. Over the years, he’s been through good markets, bad markets, and everything in between. His experience and analytical approach to real estate’s cyclical nature gives him a huge edge when it comes to timing market shifts. On today’s show, Robert explains how his approach to market timing works and why he believes the next downturn is right around the corner. Don’t miss it!

838: Transform Rookies into Real Estate Rockstars with Wilson Leung

Broker and team lead Wilson Leung takes brand-new agents and turns them into real estate rockstars. Two of Wilson’s agents have won Rookie of the Year awards, and one recently made NAR’s prestigious 30 Under 30 list. What is it he’s doing to ensure his agents’ success? Listen to today’s show and find out! In addition to explaining his process for training agents up on the skills that matter most, Wilson discusses his accountability practices and the importance of leading by example. Plus, he shares the best DiSC profiles for sales positions, the indicators of an agent with potential, and more.

843: Build a Profitable Real Estate Brokerage in Just One Year with Jamie Taylor

Jamie Taylor founded Bluebird Realty to provide buyers and sellers in her market with the joyful real estate experience they deserve. In less than one year, she’s grown her brokerage to a nine-agent team that’s already sold $17.8 million in volume. On today’s show, Jamie shares what listeners like you can do to build a profitable brokerage quickly and how to capitalize on your unique value proposition. She also discusses agent training, her favorite technology in the real estate sphere, and what really sells homes in today’s competitive markets.

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