How to Generate Real Estate Leads and Skyrocket Sales with a Nontraditional Lead Generation Strategy

July 7, 2016

Forget paying for real estate leads, cold calling or door knocking to find sellers willing to let you list homes for sale. Real Estate Rockstar Alissa Jenkins sold 27 houses in the first quarter of 2016 with her listing clients coming from warm leads. How did she do it?

When Pat interviewed Alissa for the Real Estate Rockstar Radio podcast, she shared her nontraditional lead-generation tips. She also shared her secret weapon – a free contact management tool which is updated by its very own users almost daily. Learn how to generate real estate leads and skyrocket your sales in 2016 and beyond with the tips below and listen to the complete interview here for full details.

Real Estate Lead Generation Tips from a Top Producer

As mentioned above, Alissa Jenkins did very well in the first quarter of 2016 selling 27 houses. While that first quarter was great, it was in no way something new for Alissa. Over the last 15 months, she also closed 54 buyers. Her success has placed her in the top 1% of real estate agents in her local market. She was also named to Realtor Magazine’s 30 Under 30 class of 2016.

What can you learn from Alissa’s success? Let’s start with her nontraditional real estate listing lead-generation strategy. Alissa never uses any lead systems or lead programs to pay for real estate leads. She doesn’t do cold calling or knocking on doors.

Social Media for Real Estate Leads

Instead of traditional real estate lead generation, Alissa generates warm leads using social media. You shouldn’t, however, only focus on reaching out to friends and family with social media. You should also reconnect with with acquaintances from college and others from the past and present who you are not close with personally.

Social media offers a comfort zone for the prospect. Unlike a cold sales call which can be uncomfortable for both parties, a direct message using social media is informal, friendly and puts the person on the other end of the message more at ease. It will open the door for further communication, in-person meetings and lead to warm leads down the road.

Secret Weapon: Facebook as Contact Management System for Real Estate

When it comes to warm real estate leads, Facebook is the primary social network of choice for Alissa. However, she doesn’t use Facebook solely for reaching out to prospective sellers and buyers for initial contact. She also uses the social network as a contact management system.

And unlike other real estate contact management systems, this CRM is updated by its users on a regular – if not daily – basis. Here’s a scenario for how you can put Facebook into action in your real estate lead-generation strategy.

Before making a call to a prospect, go back into your direct messages to review your discussion and last date of contact. Next, review the person’s photos, activities (check-ins at restaurants, church, local parks, etc.) and status updates just before making a call. This is information shared by your prospect, so you know it is important to them.

Build rapport using what you have learned from reviewing Facebook. This rapport-building will increase your chance of getting a face to face meeting or an invitation to visit a home for a listing presentation.

Using social media to generate real estate leads can help you sell more houses and close more buyers without the cost of other real estate lead systems. There is no cost to use Facebook to develop warm leads and when used properly, social media can also save you time. To learn more about Alissa’s success using social media for real estate lead generation and how she became a top producer and Realtor Magazine 30 Under 30 honoree, listen to her interview with Pat here.

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