Real Estate Customer Service: Use 5 Standards of 5-Star Client Service to Make More Money

January 31, 2017

The vast majority of popular real estate books and successful agents harp on the importance of real estate customer service. They do it for one simple reason: It earns real estate agents more money! Recent guests Brannon and Mindy Potts know this better than anyone.

When they started out in real estate, it wasn’t easy. Not only did they start in the beginning of 2011, an incredibly tough time for agents nationwide, they were working out of a storage shed! Despite the rough start, they didn’t give up. Instead, they followed the lead of other successful agents and made an unwavering commitment to customer service.

Below, we’ve briefly covered the 5 standards of 5-star client service that Brannon and Mindy have followed to make more money as real estate agents. For more details on these standards and how to follow them as an agent, be sure to listen to this all-star team’s podcast interview.

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Real Estate Customer Service Standards #1 – Honor

In service-oriented industries like real estate, trust is a very important part of business. People want to work with real estate agents who feel trustworthy. To convey trustworthiness to clients, always honor what you say you’ll do. If you go the extra mile to exceed it, you’ll really blow clients away!

Real Estate Customer Service Standards # 2 – Organize

It’s no secret that follow-up is an important part of customer service and in the real estate industry, follow-up is critical. In fact, the ability to follow up effectively and consistently is often what makes the difference between a good and a great real estate agent. If you always make the effort to follow up, you won’t need to worry about potential clients falling through the cracks.

Real Estate Customer Service Standards #3 – Model

Why reinvent the wheel? Following models that have demonstrated high levels of success is the best way to deliver high levels of service consistently. When you maintain this high level of customer service for real estate clients, you’ll benefit from better reviews, more clients, and more money!

Real Estate Customer Service Standards #4 – Effort

As an agent, you want to deliver unique service to clients; you want to deliver service that’s memorable and that takes effort. In real estate, with most agents delivering the same types of services, it’s often the manner in which services are delivered that matters the most when it comes to impressing clients and boosting referral rates.

Real Estate Customer Service Standards #5 – Smile

These days, thanks to smartphones, face-to-face communication often isn’t necessary. However, you should treat each client interaction as if your client is sitting across from you. So, even if you’re chatting with a client on the phone, remember to smile! While it may sound strange, clients will pick up on it and will remember their interactions with you in a positive light.

By following these 5 standards of 5-star client service, Brannon and Mindy have gone from working out of a storage shed to running a 10-employee operation selling nearly $30,000,000 of property this year. Their dedication to real estate customer service and their commitment to standards have undoubtedly contributed to this rockstar team’s incredible success.

To learn more about the 5 standards of 5-star client service Brannon and Mindy Potts have followed successfully for years, be sure to listen to the complete podcast interview.

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