Best Real Estate Podcasts of April 2021

May 1, 2021

Explore a variety of sales and investment strategies in this compilation of last month’s best real estate podcasts. Here, you’ll find April’s most popular interviews and a news special on rapidly rising property prices. Tune in and discover unique ways to thrive in today’s competitive markets.

969: Doing Million-Dollar Deals as a College Student – Realtor Andres Bustamante

Thanks to real estate, Andres Bustamante paid his way through college and then some. While he started as a humble leasing agent, he managed to close a million-dollar deal before graduating. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, we dig deep on Andres’ real estate journey, discussing the steps he took to win high-dollar deals as a young agent. Andres also shares what it was like finding rentals for fellow students and how this part-time hustle made him a cool $50k per year.

SOTM 71: Bubble or Boom? What Explains Today’s Red-Hot Real Estate Markets?

Many predicted that COVID-19 would cause real estate markets to crash. But now, after one full year of economic uncertainty, U.S. housing markets seem hotter than ever. What gives? On today’s State of the Market podcast, Aaron and Matt Amuchastegui discuss what’s driving rapidly rising property values. Tune in and get their thoughts on whether or not we’re in a bubble. Plus, you’ll hear about the insane cost of lumber right now, the political implications of population shifts, and more.

967: Beat Zillow to the Punch with the Lead-Gen Trifecta – Laurie Derickson and Kalene Zaabadick

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get high-quality leads without paying outrageous fees to companies like Zillow? Today’s guests, Laurie Derickson and Kalene Zaabadick, found the perfect system for exactly that! Listen and learn how they start conversations with buyers and sellers before sites like Zillow send them to other agents. Laurie and Kalene also share key steps to take before getting licensed, their secret system for staying top of mind effortlessly, and more.

970: Are Teams the Future of Real Estate? – Brett Jennings

Plenty of industry experts believe that teams are the future of real estate. But not just any team can succeed in today’s increasingly competitive markets. In order to achieve sustained success, real estate teams must find and keep quality agents. On this podcast with Brett Jennings, the founder of Real Estate Experts, we discuss strategies for building and supporting a team of high-quality agents. Listen in and learn why good agents often leave good teams, how to plot a course for a team’s growth, and what results Realtors can expect after joining a quality team.

968: Earn 6 Figure Commissions as a Land Specialist – Cody Bjugan

Instead of earning six figures per year, imagine earning six figures per deal. Today’s guest, Cody Bjugan of VestRight, recently cut one agent a $300,000 commission check just for bringing him a buyer. And this isn’t uncommon for real estate land specialists, a niche that few agents truly understand. Listen in and learn what it takes to close land deals, when to buy land if you’re looking for maximum returns, and more! After listening, don’t forget to claim your free 7-Figure Raw Land Paydays eBook right here.

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