Best Real Estate Podcasts of May 2021

June 1, 2021

How can new real estate agents compete with industry veterans? Will home prices continue to rise, or is this a bubble that’s about to burst? In May, industry experts, like BiggerPockets’ David Greene, joined us to answer questions like these. Tune in right here and catch the best real estate podcasts right now.

971: Learn the Language of Real Estate Sales with Jas Takhar

Learning how to sell is a lot like learning another language. That’s what Jas Takhar, the owner of Canada’s #1 real estate team, came to realize in his 25+ years of sales experience. On today’s podcast, we discuss what Jas believes to be the best way to find fast success in sales: immersion. Jas’ unconventional strategies helped him attain top-tier sales skills, and he shares those along with several hard-learned lessons from his days as a new agent. After that, we talk team building and business scaling to give listeners all of the tools needed to turn real estate into a successful lifelong career.

973: Money Mindset Makeover – Stop Settling for Less with Ian Prukner

Why settle for less when you’re just as skilled as the Realtors who outearn you? On today’s podcast with Ian Prukner, we discuss the money mindset real estate agents must hone in order to close more high-dollar deals. Listen and learn how to avoid self-sabotage by changing limiting beliefs to embrace your true potential. Plus, you’ll discover how to find and realize more opportunities for a life of lasting abundance.

974: How ANY New Agent Can Outsell Industry Veterans – Taylor Tolbert

Earning six figures as a new real estate agent is no small feat, especially in 2021’s highly competitive markets. That’s why this interview with long-time listener Taylor Tolbert is so inspiring. Taylor hit the ground running with his client-centric approach to sales, and he joins us today to share the tips that put him on the fast track to success. Listen and learn how flawless follow-up and follow through will help you outsell industry veterans, even if you only have a few months of experience. Taylor also gives a rundown on his system for taking new leads and turning them into clients for life. Don’t miss it!

SOTM 74: This Is the (2nd) Best Time to Buy Real Estate – Daniel Del Real

People always say that the best time to buy real estate was 20 years ago. Well, 20 years from today, people will be saying the exact same thing. On this State of the Market podcast with real estate veteran Daniel Del Real, we analyze stats and news stories to piece together a picture of what property values may look like in a decade or two. If you’re a Realtor, an investor, or a prospective homebuyer, you won’t want to miss this podcast!

SOTM 73: Working-Class America’s Last Shot at Homeownership – BiggerPockets’ David Greene

With home prices reaching record highs, many Americans are waiting for “the right time to buy.” That time may never come. On today’s podcast with BiggerPockets’ David Greene, we discuss the factors driving current market conditions and speculate on just how expensive homes could be in years to come. It’s a scary thought, but this might be working-class America’s last shot at homeownership. Hear why on this State of the Market.

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