Best Real Estate Podcasts of February 2022

March 3, 2022

February’s best real estate podcasts all feature one common topic: growth. Listen and learn what you can do to grow your business and your portfolio, all while growing as an individual. Be sure to catch episode 1025 with Zach Lemaster for actionable information on investing in out-of-state rentals!

1024: From Broke to Blessed: Aaron Amuchastegui Talks Goals, Growth, and Gratitude

Aaron Amuchastegui has experienced some of life’s lowest lows and highest highs. In his words, he’s gone from “being broke to being blessed.” On today’s podcast, Stephanie Heiser interviews Aaron and gives listeners a chance to learn more about the man behind the microphone. Together, they talk goals, growth, gratitude, and more. Tune in and find out what it takes to go from where you are today to where you always wanted to be.

1025: How to Invest in Real Estate for True Financial Freedom – Zach Lemaster

Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to achieve true financial freedom. On today’s podcast with the founder and CEO of Rent To Retirement, Zach Lemaster, we discuss how to find the right market for your next rental. Listen and learn how to find and buy an out-of-state rental to optimize your portfolio’s long-term performance. Zach also shares where to find the right support team, how to maximize your after-tax income, and more. Don’t miss it!

1023: The One Thing New Real Estate Agents Need to Succeed – Andrew Perrie

As the founder of a top-producing real estate team, Andrew Perrie knows exactly how to help new agents succeed. On today’s podcast, Andrew shares what he learned while building his business, including the one thing new agents should focus on. Andrew also offers advice on building—or joining—a team, generating real estate leads, and producing high-quality social media content.

1020: From Avid Listener to Team Owner – Courtney Hatfield’s Success Story

Courtney Hatfield listened to Real Estate Rockstars while studying to become an agent. Now, she’s the owner of a team that did 70 transactions just last year! On today’s podcast, Courtney shares the strategies that helped her find fast success. Everything from how to win those first few deals to what it takes to succeed at scale is covered in detail. Listen in and discover what steps you can take to become a Real Estate Rockstar!

1019: Play the Long Game and Win More Real Estate Deals – Elliot Hoyte

Playing the long game in real estate will set you up for long-term success. On today’s podcast with Elliot Hoyte, we discuss the lessons Elliot learned as he scaled his business. Discover why you must start planting seeds and nurturing leads now in order to hit your growth goals later. Elliot also shares how to find the right hires for a team, why he decided to found his own brokerage, and more.

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