Best Real Estate Podcasts of January 2022

February 1, 2022

January’s best real estate podcasts feature agents who are making a major difference in the lives of their clients. Tune in and discover how you can get more business in today’s competitive markets by adding more value. Other topics include winning big deals as a brand-new agent, social media marketing, and team building.

1011: Adding Value in Real Estate with Ashley Oakes-Lazosky

Running a successful real estate business requires more than just a license; it requires effort and education. Realtors must master their craft in order to make it, which is what today’s guest, Ashley Oakes-Lazosky, instills in her agents. Listen and learn what you can do to add value for your clients, your team, and other agents on this Real Estate Rockstars.

1014: Building a Value-Based Real Estate Business with Jen Nelson

In real estate, you have the freedom to build a business that truly represents your values. On today’s podcast, Jen Nelson joins us to discuss how she created a team that leads with excellence, expertise, and generosity. Jen also covers how she generates and converts an impressive number of referrals, what it takes to find time for family, and why firing yourself from certain tasks might be best for you and your clients.

1016: How to Close 20+ Deals Your First Year in Real Estate – Chaz Halbert

Finding clients as a new real estate agent doesn’t have to be hard. While you can win business with cold calls and open houses, you don’t have to. Today’s guest, Chaz Halbert, finished out his first year in real estate with seven successful listings and a total of 23 transactions. Listen and learn how Chaz won business from buyers and sellers as a new agent. Chaz covers social media marketing, his favorite scripts, and one of the best ways to bring clients extra value.

1017: The Power of Relationships in Real Estate – Robert Biehn

Real estate is a relationship business, which is why you can’t neglect clients or those around you if you hope to succeed. On today’s podcast with Robert Biehn, we discuss ways to grow by focusing on what matters most: people. Robert also shares his proven process for winning clients on Facebook, the three things he wishes he knew as a brand-new agent, and the problem with most real estate training.

1015: This New Agent Closed $5 Million for His First Deal! – Blake Hill

While many agents start small, there’s no limit to what you can do in real estate. Today’s guest, Blake Hill, was working toward closing a $5 million deal before he had access to the MLS! Hear how Blake hustled as a newly licensed agent and made major moves for his first client. Blake also shares some of his favorite moments from the show, offers advice on accomplishing goals, and gives valuable tips on finding clients.

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