1196: How to Pull $20k/Month in Profit From Zillow Leads With Christian Koenig

December 4, 2023

Today’s guest, Christian Koenig, has perfected his system for converting paid leads from Zillow. On average, he spends $20k per month on real estate leads and converts at a rate that generates $40k in commissions—a $20k profit! Tune in for tips on getting the most out of Zillow leads, including which zip codes to purchase and where to start with your budget. Christian also shares his highest converting script and a simple strategy for maximizing your speed to lead.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Christian Koenig [2:02]
  • Christian’s start in real estate [3:02]
  • Christian’s thoughts on open houses [6:01]
  • Where Christian started with paid real estate leads [7:30]
  • Budgeting for buyer and seller leads [12:10]
  • Sustaining your ad spend for at least six months [14:20]
  • How to pick a zip code for Zillow leads [17:40]
  • Considerations to make before committing to Zillow leads [22:52]
  • The importance of consistent speed-to-lead practices [26:48]
  • How Christian increased his Zillow budget over time [28:32]
  • Where to cap your ad spend as a solo agent [33:42]
  • The two types of Zillow leads [35:56]
  • What Christian nets from Zillow leads right now [36:55]
  • Christian’s future plans for cold leads [39:42]
  • Tips for converting leads as soon as they come in [43:25]
  • A quick, simple script for setting appointments consistently [46:58]
  • Christian’s budget spreadsheet for real estate agents [51:05]
  • When doing everything on your own stops making sense [54:57]
  • Where to find and follow Christian Koenig [57:51]

Christian Koenig

North Philadelphia born and raised, on the BMX track is where Christian spent most of his days. All jokes aside, he is originally from North Philly and brought up in an entrepreneurial, hardworking household. Joining the United States Air Force at 18 sent Christian to Texas for basic training and then on to Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, VA for six years. He crewed F-22 Raptors for the 27th Fighter Squadron with some of the most talented mechanics he has ever met. Being a part of that team and seeing the process of bringing the first fifth generation fighter jet to combat ready status is something that Christian holds very close. He spent two of those six years as part of the USAF F-22 Demonstration Team traveling the world and showcasing Air Superiority at air shows to millions of spectators. His respect and dedication to serve those that came before him in the military drive him to excel each and every day.

After leaving the Air Force in 2012, Christian began working for a defense contractor on the west coast manufacturing explosives and assembling defense missiles. That led to a position within the quality control department and soon he was the lead inspector specializing in three-dimensional scanning technology for the company. Christian spent the next four years working closely with their research and development departments bringing in new technology to stay ahead of their competitors while increasing quality control. His dedication to craft and constant attention to detail lead in everything he does.

Christian was introduced to the amazing Idaho lifestyle in 2012. As an avid outdoorsman, there is, in his opinion, no better place to call home. Each season offers a unique way to enjoy the outdoors. Saving the best for last, Christian’s beautiful wife is the driving force in his life that keeps him grounded. They have two incredible children and spend their off hours keeping them entertained along with their German Shepherd, Ivy.

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