How Effective Real Estate Marketing Can Make You $80 Million in Listings Annually

April 4, 2017

Are you struggling to find an effective real estate marketing strategy to generate more listings? If so, listen to Pat’s interview with Doug Echelberger, a San Clemente agent who generates a whopping $80 million in listing sales annually!

Below, we’ve covered a few of Doug’s most effective real estate marketing strategies. For more detail on these strategies and some additional tips on real estate farming and marketing to sellers, be sure to listen to the complete podcast interview.

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Build and Nourish Your Farm with Effective Real Estate Marketing

Even if you’ve only been in real estate for a short period of time, you’ve probably heard someone talking about the importance of farming in any effective real estate marketing effort. Successful agents harp on the importance of real estate farming because it works, especially when it’s done right.

If you’re trying to build a real estate farm for the first time, consider focusing your efforts on a new housing development. Doug did this and managed to foster relationships with both buyers and builders simultaneously. Doing this will help you pick up listings in other developments, and it also sets you up to turn these buyer clients into seller clients a few years down the road.

Start Marketing to Sellers with Shotgun Marketing

Even if you already have an established real estate farm generating consistent listings, you should still expand your marketing efforts to other areas. This is one of the real estate marketing best practices that will really help you grow your business and your connections exponentially.

Shotgun marketing is one of the best strategies for expanding into new areas and marketing to sellers effectively. When you land a listing outside of your farm, door knocking, cold calling, and mailers can all be used to target nearby homeowners as a part of your shotgun-marketing strategy. If your efforts pay off and you start getting listings from that area regularly, consider investing more energy into your marketing efforts there.

Effective Real Estate Marketing Tools and Strategies for Success

If you don’t have much experience with real estate farming or shotgun marketing, you might feel a bit stuck when thinking of the best ways to get started with these strategies. Here are a couple of things you may want to try:

Send unique postcards – Marketing via mail can be an expensive marketing strategy, so you want to make sure it’s used effectively. When sending out postcards, focus on roughly 300-400 homes near your listing. Also, to increase the chances of recipients paying attention to them, make these postcards an odd shape and have professional pictures highlighting the best features of your listings.

Send video e-mails – Sending market reports to members of your SOI can help you generate more listings, but if you want to connect with potential clients in a more personal manner, there’s a better way. Video e-mail services, like BombBomb, can be used to really enhance your market reports with a personal touch. This will help you better connect with potential clients and increase your chances of getting their business.

One last thing you should remember about effective real estate marketing is that the specific tools you use to market your business aren’t as important as getting out there and marketing to sellers and buyers. If you shift your focus away from marketing schemes and put your time into connecting with potential clients, effective real estate marketing will come naturally.

If you want to learn more about effective real estate marketing strategies and pick up some of Doug’s other tips on getting more listings, be sure to listen to the complete podcast interview with Doug Echelberger.

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