4 Ways to Make More Listing Commissions with Words

March 31, 2017

Would you like to make more listing commissions but can’t seem to land enough listing appointments? Are you not sure where you’re going wrong when speaking to potential clients? Recent guest Bruce Keith, a successful agent and a highly esteemed real estate coach, has helped countless agents like you master the art of effective communication in order to land listing appointments and get listing agreements signed. He teaches agents how to communicate in a manner that resonates with both buyers and sellers.

Now, you might think that words aren’t everything when it comes to wowing potential clients. It’s true that some agents succeed with a style-over-substance approach to listing presentations, but this approach is suboptimal. Take it from Bruce, using the right words in the right way makes all the difference and will help you make more listing commissions.

Check out some of the ways Bruce uses words to wow potential clients below. For more information on ways to make more listing commissions and some roleplay examples using Bruce’s most powerful scripts, listen to the podcast interview.

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Present Hope for Success Closing More Listing Appointments

One of the most powerful ways that Bruce engages potential clients is by giving them hope. Instead of focusing on himself or his team’s accomplishments, he shifts the focus of the presentation to what the clients really want and then offers them hope for how he can help them get it. By taking this hopeful approach, you’ll actually stand out more than the agents who place all of the attention on themselves and make more listing commissions.

Ask the “If” Question to Make More Listing Commissions from FSBO Listing Appointments

Another way to land more listing appointments is by using something Bruce refers to as the “If” technique. This technique is particularly useful when trying to get FSBO listing agreements signed.

Essentially, you ask potential clients if they’d be willing to work with you if you could get them as much or more than they’re currently asking for. Of course, for this technique to be effective, you need to be able to sell these clients’ homes for a price high enough to get them the figure they expect after taking your commission.

Get Listing Agreements Signed by Saying More with Fewer Words

You’ve probably sat through more than a few sales presentations where the speaker seems to ramble on forever; this is exactly what you want to avoid when trying to sell your services to a potential client. Ask clients meaningful questions, and give them meaningful information. Even when handling objections, fewer words really do say more if you’re able to sufficiently address their concerns.

Tell a Story and Make More Listing Commissions

If you aren’t able to handle an objection sufficiently by simply addressing the potential client’s concerns, there’s something else you can do: tell them a story! Talk about a similar issue you’ve solved or a previous client you’ve helped.

By telling these potential clients a story, you’ll be taking them away from their objection while simultaneously making the presentation more powerful emotionally. Ultimately, you’ll land more clients this way and will make more listing commissions as a result.

If you want to learn more about the ways you can land more listing appointments and make more listing commissions, be sure to listen to the complete podcast interview with Bruce Keith!

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