The Only Expired Listings Script You Need to Know

March 27, 2018

Without a strong expired listings script to work from, calling expireds is painful and unproductive. Countless agents call these listing leads every day, so not only is competition fierce, these homeowners are often upset the second they realize you’re a real estate agent.

Josh Gossard, a solo agent in the Frederick, MD area, figured this out early in his career. Now, thanks to his script and his dedicated prospecting routine, expired listings are a steady source of business for Josh.

Keep reading for specifics on Josh’s methods for finding and getting expired listings. To hear his story and a sample role-play session using his expireds script, listen to the podcast below.

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Where to Find Expired Listings

The easiest, most efficient way to find expired listing leads is to use a service that specializes in aggregating them. There are several services like this to choose from, so find the one that works best for you in your market.

That’s what Josh did.

First, he experimented with both ArchAgent and LandVoice. Ultimately, however, REDX became his preferred platform for getting information on expireds.

Use a Triple-Line Dialer

Josh is a big fan of the REDX service, but he doesn’t use their dialer. Instead, he imports data from REDX into Mojo Dialer, which is capable of dialing three lines at once.

Josh does this because it’s a huge time saver. He calls between 40-100 expireds per day, but only 5-15 of those calls actually result in a conversation. By dialing three numbers at once, he triples the efficiency of his prospecting efforts.

Josh’s Proven Expired Listings Script

The biggest hurdle to overcome with winning over expireds is setting the listing appointment. If you manage to set the appointment and have a quality presentation prepared, there’s a good chance you’ll get the listing.

For Josh, this is certainly true – he closes 78% of his listing appointments successfully.

To set himself up for success, he uses a variation of the same script during each initial prospecting call. Here are a couple of highlights from when we role-played it during the interview:

“Hey Pat, my name is Josh Gossard. I’m a Realtor here in the area, and I’m reaching out today because I came across a property you recently had for sale. Since I specialize in homes that didn’t sell the first time around, I wanted to see what your plans are moving forward. Do you still have plans on getting your home sold?”

This is a great way to start the conversation as it immediately identifies whether or not the owner has any remaining interest in selling. Also, mentioning that you specialize in expireds might help win them over.

“I tell you what, I’d love to schedule a time for me to come over, see your house in person, and maybe shed some light on why it didn’t sell. I’d also like to talk to you a little more about what you’re looking for in your next home.”

After getting some details on the property owner’s situation, there’s nothing wrong with pushing for the next step – an in-house appointment. Offering to give your opinion on why it didn’t sell will increase your chances of closing successfully.

If a prospect is also interested in buying a new home, it’s possible to turn a single lead into two back-to-back deals!

Learn Josh’s Full Script for Expired Listings

If you want the full script, which includes some awesome objection handlers, listen to the complete podcast with Josh Gossard. In addition to talking expireds, Josh shares price-reduction strategies, advice for buyer’s agents, and more.

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