Which Real Estate CRM Will Meet Your Current Production Demands?

April 4, 2019

Are you wondering if it’s time to upgrade your existing CRM – if those fancy new features are really worth the added expense?

It very well could be time to make a change, but before you do, get real estate expert Michael Hellickson’s take on today’s CRM solutions.

Hellickson knows that selecting the right CRM isn’t easy for most agents. A lot of what they should use depends on the other technology they rely on. But more importantly, it has to do with where they’re at with their business.

Read on and discover which CRM solution is best suited to meet your current production numbers. For additional advice on real estate CRM software and tips on boosting your business’ profitability, listen to the podcast with Michael Hellickson below.

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Production Tiers for Real Estate Agents

As mentioned above, Hellickson’s CRM suggestions are dependent on agents’ production numbers.

Hellickson places agents in tiers based on the number of transactions they complete annually. Here are the tiers and each of their respective production numbers:

Tier One – 0-25 transactions per year

Tier Two – 25-75 transactions per year

Tier Three – 75-150 transactions per year

Tier Four – 150-250 transactions per year

Tier Five – 250-500 transactions per year

Tier Six – 500-1000 transactions per year

Tier Seven – 1000+ transactions per year

Real Estate CRM Recommendations for Low-Tier Agents

Most tier-one agents just need the basics – something to compile contacts, set follow-up dates, and automate emails.

These basic functions are available in nearly every CRM on the market, leaving price and ease of use as deciding factors.

The standout products for tier-one agents, according to Hellickson, are Wise Agent and LionDesk. At $29 per month and $25 per month respectively, both are affordable options for agents with low production numbers.

Real Estate CRM Recommendations for Mid-Tier Agents

Agents in tiers two, three, four, and five may find a more robust CRM beneficial. For agents in these tiers, Hellickson typically recommends either Firepoint or Commissions Inc.

However, since Commissions Inc is more complicated to work with, he suggests agents opt for Firepoint unless they’re somewhat tech savvy.

Another good (and popular) option for tech-savvy agents between tiers two and five is BoomTown. Like Commissions Inc, it’s somewhat complex but can be incredibly powerful in the hands of someone who knows the system well.

Real Estate CRM Recommendations for Top-Tier Agents

So what does Hellickson recommend to high-producing agents, those in tiers six and seven?

Well, he was somewhat apprehensive to say; the reason being that he constantly sees agents buying ahead of where there business really is, a practice that cuts into their profits without any tangible benefits.

Having said that, if you’re legitimately a tier-six or tier-seven agent, Hellickson recommends Infusionsoft.

With everything agents need (and then some) plus an insane amount of customizability, Infusionsoft is a CRM solution that has the power to provide unrivaled control over your database’s organization, follow-up automation, and more.

Advice on Selecting a Team’s Real Estate CRM

What about CRM solutions for real estate teams?

Well, any of the above CRM solutions could work for a real estate team, but there are a few things team leads need to keep in mind.

Firstly, the CRM solution they choose should be one that they’re able to teach agents to use. In other words, it should be one that the team lead has already mastered.

Secondly, the agents should find the CRM easy to use. For this reason, complex CRMs like Commissions Inc and Infusionsoft might not be the best options for real estate teams.

Finally, teams shouldn’t switch between CRMs unless absolutely necessary. Changing CRMs can be chaotic, and doing so frequently won’t just cost a team clients; it’ll cost them agents as well.

For more suggestions on selecting the right real estate CRM and tips on maximizing your business’ profitability, listen to Pat’s podcast interview with Michael Hellickson.

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