Real Estate Sellers to Avoid If You Want to Sell 100% of Your Listings

August 22, 2017

Avoid the wrong real estate sellers and you’ll take a big step toward selling 100% of your listings. The reason for this is that working with difficult sellers makes the entire process of selling homes much harder. In some cases, there’s simply no way to sell a home due to unreasonable expectations on the seller’s part. Why waste time and energy on these listings when there are other clients out there who really want your help?

That’s the question Amy Broghamer encourages real estate agents to ask themselves before trying to get each and every listing. During a recent Real Estate Rockstars appearance, Amy explained why she actively attempts to disqualify difficult sellers from doing business with her. Since she started vetting potential clients more thoroughly, she has had better results and less stress. Read on to learn about the types of sellers to avoid or hear all of her advice on listings in the podcast below.

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3 Types of Real Estate Sellers to Avoid

Working with certain types of difficult sellers just isn’t worth it. If you want to sell 100% of your listings and cut down on work-related stress, you should avoid the following types of real estate sellers:

The Unreasonable Seller – Some sellers aren’t able to price their homes realistically without help. When these sellers are ready and willing to take a real estate agent’s expert advice on pricing, this is usually not an issue.

However, there are also sellers out there who seem to be incapable of following a realistic pricing strategy. Working with these sellers is often a waste of time. More often than not, agents who take on these clients wind up with expired listings and unsatisfied clients.

The Unpleasant Seller – Some sellers are going through rough times, so you can’t always expect the clients you work with to be at their best. However, you should always expect your clients to interact with you in a respectful manner.

When a seller is rude to you despite your best efforts to build rapport, don’t ignore this behavior; there’s a good chance it will continue if you take them on as a client. When you just can’t seem to get along with a potential client, recommending they work with another agent is often the best course of action.

The Unforthcoming Seller – When working with a seller, trust on both sides of the relationship is vital. When you’re meeting with a potential client and it’s clear that they’re untrusting of you and your motives, moving forward with them might be a mistake.

As a listing agent, you should expect sellers to work with you to get their home sold. Sellers who hide information and doubt every piece of advice you offer are not easy clients. Not only is it harder to market these sellers’ homes honestly, it’s basically impossible to please them in the long run.

Choose the Right Real Estate Sellers and Sell 100% of Your Listings

If you want to learn more about choosing the right real estate sellers, listen to the complete podcast interview with Amy Broghamer. For additional advice and strategies on selling more real estate listings, check out Amy’s Facebook Live course, Sell 100% of Your Listings.

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