If you simply ask for referrals like most real estate agents, you’re likely missing out on dozens of deals per year. Listen to today’s podcast with industry veteran Dean Jackson and discover what you can do…

Imagine how much easier life as an agent would be if 90% of your high-volume business came directly from repeat clients and referrals. There’s no way to make that happen in this day and age of online real estate searches and big-money syndicators like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com though, right? Wrong! For Brenda Fontaine, owner of the Fontaine Family real estate company, generating huge numbers of repeat and referral clients is the norm and has been for years. Listen as Brenda shares the customer service secrets her team uses to get clients and keep them for life. Also, be sure to pay attention when Brenda discusses her listing toolkit; it helped her sell over 6,000 homes! Join us for another amazing Real Estate Rockstars podcast. Continue reading

Are you letting buyer leads slip through the cracks at open houses? Do you or your team absolutely dread phone prospecting? Are you looking for new ways to deliver more value and, in return, make more money in real estate. Phoenix real estate rockstar Carin Nguyen, who leads a highly-successful real estate team and also helps agents as a real estate coach, offers listeners valuable, actionable advice in today’s podcast – advice which you can use to elevate your career and your team while growing your bottom line. Continue reading

Imagine how your life would be different if you had a profit margin of 80% and $100,000 in commissions monthly? In over 450 podcasts, Pat has never interviewed a real estate agent with an 80% profit margin. Hear exactly – and we do mean exactly with full actionable details – how two-time guest and solo agent Ricky Carruth crushes it month after month with very little expenses and a huge profit payout. It’s not complicated and you can start following in his footsteps today! Continue reading

Ready to up your real estate listings game? Today’s podcast with real estate rockstar Doug Echelberger out of San Clemente, California is loaded with marketing strategies and actionable advice that helps him do $80 million in listings sales annually. Listen now for tips on using shotgun marketing, real estate farming, video email technology and getting embedded and fostering relationships with builders to grow your listing client base and make more money selling listings. Continue reading