1093: How to Boost Your Bottom Line in a Down Market With Stephanie Brackett

October 31, 2022

As the market gets tougher, what can real estate professionals do to protect their bottom line? Courtney Atkinson interviews Stephanie Brackett, a familiar Real Estate Rockstars favorite, to answer this question with actionable advice backed by nearly two decades of industry experience. Listen to today’s podcast and learn what you can do to increase conversion while cutting down on the expenses and activities that aren’t helping you close deals. Stephanie and Courtney also share some of their best scripts and systems, discuss major mistakes real estate agents are making with their marketing, and more. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Remembering what a hard market is like [5:08]
  • Stephanie Brackett’s real estate background [6:00]
  • The Fannie Mae report card [8:35]
  • How to make a BIG impact on your bottom line with tracking [9:51]
  • Identifying good appointments to increase conversion [14:34]
  • Looking at agents’ conversion metrics to identify scripts that work [15:57]
  • Follow-up standards based on appointment outcomes [17:29]
  • Opportunities in a shifting market [19:55]
  • How to capitalize on the ever-shifting real estate market [21:26]
  • Updating your messaging to make more meaningful touches [23:57]
  • Building a follow-up campaign to generate more business from your SOI [28:14]
  • Easy scripts for getting referrals and repeat business [30:20]
  • How to use scripts without sounding salesy [32:02]
  • The premise behind “the promise” script [32:31]
  • A sign that someone is a master of scripts [35:05]
  • How team leaders should encourage their agents as times get tough [36:45]
  • Why a strong value proposition is essential to your business’ success [38:46]
  • The value of consistent follow-up [40:05]
  • How to contact and learn more from Stephanie Brackett [42:45]

Stephanie Brackett

Stephanie Brackett is a Master Level Elite 1:1 Coach and Certified BE A BOSS Trainer. She is also the VP of operations for DRO Investments and the former COO of The Anderson Hicks Group in Idaho Falls, ID (one of the top real estate teams nationwide selling 714 homes in 2021). Not only does Stephanie have a deep background in real estate operations, she has also been a business owner and corporate trainer, both of which give her unique insights to share when coaching and training. And she’s affectionately known around the country as “The Systems Queen.” She is especially passionate about elevating the administrative roles in real estate. Her family is her “Big Why.” 

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